May 2010

30.5.2010 Technology

Quantcast Profiles your Audience

“Who really cares?” We’ve all asked ourselves that that question at one time or another.  Right? You are busy in your cause and sometimes it feels like it’s hard to connect with the community.  You hear them.  You just can’t see them. Read More 

27.5.2010 Attitude

There is someone better than you.

Usually lots of them. Lots better. It’s an (edgy) reality of life. You can’t be the best at everything.  You can’t even always be the best at the one things that you really want to be the best at.  Read More 

25.5.2010 Business | Edgy Conversations

3 Secrets of High Performance Selling

High performance. You know it when you see it. It’s one of those stories you can tell a dozen times and still be excited each time. It’s captivating to watch. More of an experience than just an event or an occasion. Remember this one? Read More 

20.5.2010 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Just Say It Already.

Awkward. Ever leave a conversation feeling that way? There’s a lot more that needs to be said, and no one is saying it. Maybe it’s “I’m sorry” or “Here’s what really happened…”. Read More 

18.5.2010 Business | Edgy Conversations | Pain

The Plan is Really Your Success.

You will be whatever you are planning for yourself to be. (……let that sink in for a moment) Chances are that you won’t win the lottery or have a rich uncle leave you a small fortune.  If you are like the majority of people, you will likely stumble through life making excuses for your failure Read More