Who You Really Are Inside.

You stand knees bent, gently pacing the darkened soil. The sunlight passes though the cracks in the heavy gate ahead of you.  It catches your eye sharply.  You squint.  Focusing your gaze on the arena ahead of you. You rub


How To Silence Failure.

You have a breaking point.  A point at which you don’t feel like you have anything left to give.  A point at which you can’t go on. A time when you stare failure full in the face and wonder if


Why Things Fall Apart.

“Because they do.” That’s why things go wrong. Sometimes it’s really that simple. Things go wrong. It doesn’t mean you aren’t the smartest guy in the room. It doesn’t mean you haven’t worked like a maniac to make things work.


Why Setting Priorities Might Be Your Worst Business Strategy Yet.

Setting priorities is age-old business sense that is hard to argue against. “We can’t do everything” you’ll hear in your business meetings. Clients seem to think the same thing, asking “what do we do first?” You’re told that setting priorities


Why Being Successful Isn’t What You Really Want From Life.

“Let’s make this a success, okay?”  You’ve probably ended a business strategy meeting with these words. Being successful is a big part of everything that we do. We set goals based on our need to be successful. We adapt, learn,


What You Can Learn About Success From Addiction.

Don’t confuse drive with healthy ambition. Just doing something doesn’t mean you are doing enough.  Or doing things the right way. Addiction will force a person to go to extreme lengths to make sure they have access to the chemicals


5 Things Conquerors Do That You Should Do Better.

We all want to conquer. In fact, most of our lives is spent in the pursuit of conquering. As business leaders we want to conquer goals like company growth, higher profitability, and industry recognition. As people, we all have personal


Don’t Hire Another Sales Expert. Ever.

The business landscape is full with experts, consultants, and gurus all with amazing insights on how you can grow your business.  And they each come with a long line of successful case studies and customer success stories.    Make no mistake.


20 Ways To Consistently Get What You Want Before You Want it.

Give a kind word when an angry outburst would feel more satisfying. Take time each day to call (3) executives and just see how their day is going. Spend time at the beginning of each week writing out your “must


Why Your Failing Business Doesn’t Need a Turn-Around Plan.

Most businesses don’t need a turn-around strategy. They might need more sales, better marketing, happier customers, and fresh product ideas. But a turn-around probably isn’t on that list. Frankly, if you can “turn around” you aren’t in that much trouble.


Why Doing What you Feel Like Doing Might Be The Right Thing After All.

There’s nothing wrong with doing something simply because you “feel” like it’s the right thing to do. All too often we are quick to adopt someone else’s “guaranteed seven step business plan” in the hope that it produces better results


6 Reasons Why Most Advice You Hear Is Useless.

If you think you don’t know what you’re doing it is easy to fall into the trap of listening to what other people have to say. Smart people. Experienced people. People with strong opinions. Getting advice can seem like a


Just Answer Your Damn Email.

What happened to the art of relationship building?  Heck, where the hell went civility? Have we just decided to replace “doing the right thing” with bulk emails, automated tweets, and lead scoring tools?  Have we decided that good, old-fashioned relationships aren’t a


Loving Your Job Is for Losers.

You don’t need to love your job to be a bad-ass at doing it. You don’t to “be happy” with the current task on your platform or respect the boss you report to. None of that matters. And probably not


You Decide When The Pain Goes Away

Life is a bootcamp. It hurts. You do. And it’s not a feeling that you’re comfortable with. Not now. Not ever. Physically, emotionally, financially — you’re beaten and battered.  At the end of your limits.  At the breaking point.  You’re


You Should Take it Personally.

It’s hard not to let your voice crack when you talk about it. You’re upset. You can’t just “get over it”. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just means you care more. It means that what you want is wired


When The Experts Lead You Down The Wrong Path.

According to the “pros”, there is always a right way you should be doing things.  Just pick up the business section of the newspaper or enroll in an executive MBA program.  You’ll be presented with a series of strategic “right


You’re Not As Free As You Pretend To Be.

We all like to believe that we’re free to make our own choices. It’s a belief that has driven ambition and conflict since the beginning of time. As humans we expect freedom.  We demand it.  The need to be free


You Might Be The Idiot You Think They Are.

Most of your success in life hinges on your people strategy. Having good relationships requires good people strategy. So does landing a job, being promoted, or demanding the compensation you think you’re worth. At every level of the executive landscape,


Pushing Past Your Limits.

We each have a breaking point. A time at which we just can’t go any further. It’s exhaustion.  Fatigue.  The end of the road. The point at which you reach your limit to keep moving forward.  And just stand with