July 2012

31.7.2012 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Who You Really Are Inside.

You stand knees bent, gently pacing the darkened soil. The sunlight passes though the cracks in the heavy gate ahead of you.  It catches your eye sharply.  You squint.  Focusing your gaze on the arena ahead of you. You rub your hands together slowly in anticipation.  The edges of your elbows make tiny circles in Read More 

30.7.2012 Fear | Pain

How To Silence Failure.

You have a breaking point.  A point at which you don’t feel like you have anything left to give.  A point at which you can’t go on. A time when you stare failure full in the face and wonder if you were ever meant to come out the winner. You’ve been told to dig deep. Read More 

27.7.2012 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Why Things Fall Apart.

“Because they do.” That’s why things go wrong. Sometimes it’s really that simple. Things go wrong. It doesn’t mean you aren’t the smartest guy in the room. It doesn’t mean you haven’t worked like a maniac to make things work. Things just fall apart. You might want to accept that.  You might not even want Read More 

26.7.2012 Business | Leadership

Why Setting Priorities Might Be Your Worst Business Strategy Yet.

Setting priorities is age-old business sense that is hard to argue against. “We can’t do everything” you’ll hear in your business meetings. Clients seem to think the same thing, asking “what do we do first?” You’re told that setting priorities matters. From your first days in business the idea is drilled into you that priorities Read More 

25.7.2012 Business | Extreme Behavior

Why Being Successful Isn't What You Really Want From Life.

“Let’s make this a success, okay?”  You’ve probably ended a business strategy meeting with these words. Being successful is a big part of everything that we do. We set goals based on our need to be successful. We adapt, learn, and improve based on our need to be successful.  We talk about it. We go Read More 

24.7.2012 Extreme Behavior

What You Can Learn About Success From Addiction.

Don’t confuse drive with healthy ambition. Just doing something doesn’t mean you are doing enough.  Or doing things the right way. Addiction will force a person to go to extreme lengths to make sure they have access to the chemicals that quiet down their brain. They will rob and steal and sell their bodies for Read More