Will They Miss You When You’re Gone?

You don’t know the answer to that because you’re still here. And what you’re creating isn’t finished yet. It’s incomplete. And frankly, the question you are asking isn’t all that important any ways. You’re here and they’re here and the


Why Try?

Because the next time might be the time that it works. Because you’re not finished yet. Because the mission is big enough. Because it’s the right thing to do. Because you believe it’s worth the cost. Because it’s worth fighting for. Because


35 Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn in Business School.

Just because you earn a bigger title doesn’t mean you earn more respect. It’s easier to say “I’m sorry…” than to have to hire a fresh team of employees. A culture of fear only works for so long.  And it’s


How To Get Twice As Much From Your Team.

Success isn’t reasonable.  Why should your quest for it attempt to be so? All across America as millions of business people head back to the office for another week of the “the grind”, leaders are faced with a universal question:


The Secret To Being Heard.

As a business leader you have probably asked yourself more than once “How many times do we have to keep saying the same thing?” Whether you are a priest, prophet, or a principle in a business, you need to have


Half-Way There Is Nowhere.

Stop half-assing your business turn-around plan.  Seriously.  Stop and think about it for a damn second. Why are you even attempting change the condition of your business if you aren’t willing to make the hard (but needed) decisions that are necessary


Why Mitt Romney Made a Mistake Not Hiring Me To Make Him President.

Mitt Romney is a good guy.  He’s made smart decisions over the years that have made him incredibly rich.  He has morals.  He has raised a strong family.  But unless he does something radical he is not going to be


You Might Just Be Good At The Wrong Thing.

You can do just about anything when you stop making excuses for yourself. It’s really that simple. When you refuse to let yourself take the easy way out, you usually find the right way forward. It’s the only option left. Think about


Did You Think It Was Going To Be Easy?

Come on now.  Did you think actually think that you could venture boldly one grand time and conquer everything in your imagination? Do you actually think that you just deserve to achieve great results simply because of the pain and


The One Small Thing That Separates You From Success.

No one likes to fail. Whether it’s professional goals or personal goals, no one likes to try hard and come up short. It sucks to apply for a job that you never get. It hurts to get told “I don’t think


Why Silly Motivational Thinking is Crippling Your Ability to Achieve Success.

You aren’t going to find the finish line without a few bumps and bruises.  That much is true. But here is where we mess things up for ourselves. We like to aggrandize the idea of “doing” something.  You’ll often hear


The Discussion No One Seems To Want To Have About Managing Your Crisis.

You don’t get to storm out of the room and end the conversation.  It’s not dinner time and you aren’t 7. Theatrics might be tolerated when you are wearing velcro straps on your shoes, but it stops being cute all


How To Make Sure It Doesn’t Fall Apart Later.

There is a thin line between living purposefully and living selfishly. Between fighting for what you desperately want for yourself and stepping on those you think are beneath you. There’s a line in the sand. A fine line.  A line so faint


What Doesn’t Make Sense.

What’s the point of trying if you don’t try hard enough? What’s the point of building a team if you aren’t committed to a culture of working together? What’s the point of working if what you do doesn’t make a


One Way To Guarantee That Your Life Makes a Difference.

We all want to know that we matter. That what we do makes an impact on the world around us.  That’s a driving force that we all too often ignore. It impacts how you look for a job, try to


How To Know You Are Doing Enough.

One of the age-old questions about productivity is “when enough is enough.” How do you know when you’ve done enough? And the answer is really quite simple: You know you are doing enough when you get the results that you


One Thing You Can Do To Change The Rest Of Your Life.

We all like to think that we would do anything, no matter how hard, if it could change the rest of our life. By doing something breathtakingly bold, we could tip luck in our favor.  Irrevocably shift the cosmos toward our beleaguered


29 Ways To Guarantee That You Get Better Results.

Want better results? You’re not alone. If you are like a lot of others around you, you might not be sure what to do in order to get better results. You’re confused and frustrated by things happening to you.  Angry


How Give-and-Take Becomes An Absurd Business Strategy.

It’s easy to buy into the concept of compromise. That you “give” sometimes and “take” sometimes.  Picking and choosing your strategy based on the urgency of the decision you have to make at the moment.  Done right, it should lead


Beyond The End Of Your Nose.

Every decision matters. What you do has consequences. Good and bad. Your decisions lead to results. But sometimes, emotion and panic mask the terrible future  results of your immediate decisions. You are so caught up in trying to remedy the


No One Likes A Weirdo.

That’s just how we’re wired. If you aren’t relatable it’s impossible for your message to connect. This is where religion goes wrong.  Politics too. If you can’t relate to an idea or a belief then you naturally come to the


Start Living Desperately.

Enough with all the silly posturing. Enough with  pretending like everything is okay. Like you are achieving your goals. Hitting the mark. You know that’s not true. And yet you refuse to admit the obvious. That you need to change