August 2012

31.8.2012 Business | Leadership

Will They Miss You When You're Gone?

You don’t know the answer to that because you’re still here. And what you’re creating isn’t finished yet. It’s incomplete. And frankly, the question you are asking isn’t all that important any ways. You’re here and they’re here and the opportunity to be amazing is still here. So go do what you know you need Read More 

29.8.2012 Attitude | Business

Why Try?

Because the next time might be the time that it works. Because you’re not finished yet. Because the mission is big enough. Because it’s the right thing to do. Because you believe it’s worth the cost. Because it’s worth fighting for. Because people are counting on you. Because your example inspires other to try. Because you want Read More 

28.8.2012 Business | Leadership

35 Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn in Business School.

Just because you earn a bigger title doesn’t mean you earn more respect. It’s easier to say “I’m sorry…” than to have to hire a fresh team of employees. A culture of fear only works for so long.  And it’s horribly destructive in the long run. Leading doesn’t need to include yelling.  Actions matter. Being Read More 

27.8.2012 Leadership

How To Get Twice As Much From Your Team.

Success isn’t reasonable.  Why should your quest for it attempt to be so? All across America as millions of business people head back to the office for another week of the “the grind”, leaders are faced with a universal question: “How much should they expect from their people?”  How much is enough?” Conventional wisdom say Read More 

24.8.2012 Attitude | Leadership

The Secret To Being Heard.

As a business leader you have probably asked yourself more than once “How many times do we have to keep saying the same thing?” Whether you are a priest, prophet, or a principle in a business, you need to have your message heard. Your success hinges on you being heard. So immediately you might start Read More 

23.8.2012 Business

Half-Way There Is Nowhere.

Stop half-assing your business turn-around plan.  Seriously.  Stop and think about it for a damn second. Why are you even attempting change the condition of your business if you aren’t willing to make the hard (but needed) decisions that are necessary to see results. What do you even have to lose? Your current plan isn’t working Read More