Why Changing Your Culture Doesn’t Work (and what to do about it).

KEITH FERRAZZI  is the world’s foremost expert in professional relationship development. He has transformed the lives and careers of clients and readers worldwide, bringing 20 years of research and experience to the art and science of business relationship development. His


I Wish I Had More Answers.

I wish I had it all together.  But I don’t. Sometimes I look around and all I see are a series of colossal screw-ups.  One after another. Rejection. Failure. My inability to climb higher. A times, the things I want to


Doing the Easiest Thing.

Doing the easiest thing isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s pretty difficult. Doing the right thing isn’t ever wrong.  But that doesn’t make it an easy decision. Doing what’s easy is often hard to do. That’s the paradox you often face.


The One Thing You Can Do Each Day That Will Change The World.

We all want to believe that what we do has an impact on the world around us.  That what we are doing is important.  Needed.  And special. But we often struggle with knowing what to do.  How to create impact.  How to


5 Unconventional Ways To Solve Any Big Business Problem.

Building a business is no easy task.  Growing a business is even harder. Just the time you think you have your problems worked out, problems seem to come out of nowhere. Big problems. Problems creating revenue.  Problems getting potential customers


They Can Always Find Something Wrong With What’s Right About You.

So let’s get this straight right now: “Just because you aren’t perfect, doesn’t mean you aren’t right.” There will always be things that you do that are wrong. Some bigger than others.  Some easier to spot than others. You’ll never


You Have To Be Available When They Need You.

Driving successful business growth isn’t about what you do between 9am and 5pm.  It’s about what you do the rest of the time.  About how available you are when your clients need you most. Your customers can’t easily predict when


Knowing What Rips Your Head Off.

What is it that kills you dream instantly? Is it when other people don’t believe you can do it? Is it your debt or other bad financial decisions you’ve made in the past? Is it lack of time or money


The Danger Of Being Dead Right.

You can win.  You can be right. But you can die trying. And then it doesn’t really matter any more, does it? Sure you can play the martyr card.  But you only have one of those.  And it costs a


How To Be Successful After You’ve Gotten The Crap Kicked Out Of You.

The problem with success is that it’s not a finish line.  It’s a waypoint along the journey. It’s an attitude more than it is a “ride into the sunset.” For every success there is “what comes next.”  For each person


You Might Be Looking For Success In the Wrong Place.

As I looked through the break in the trees, I could see that the path went two different ways – slight left and back dramatically to the right. I had a choice.  Both had blue and yellow markers on the


The Power of Believing Your Own Insanity.

Let’s face it.  If you don’t believe in you no else is either. You might be crazy.  You might be wrong.  You might be both. (Chances are you are..) But that’s OK as long as you believe in you.  That’s


Nothing Is Right.

Nothing is right all the time. That’s an important business insight to realize.  Because it has far reaching consequences. It opens your mind to new possibilities.  You stop blindly accepting ideas as “fact” just because an expert told you that it is


How To Not Be Stupid.

Being successful in business is no easy accomplishment. You need money, a good idea, and the marketplace willing to engage with you. But that’s not all. You need guts.  Gumption. Ambition. Whatever you call it, you need to be able


How To Achieve Smart, Simple Sales Growth.

Business doesn’t need to be as difficult as we try to make it. For some reason we feel better about our inadequacies if we can explain them away with complex strategies. We forget that simple works. Not simplistic.  Simple. Working hard is


When Leading By Example Doesn’t Work.

You don’t have to be standing around a group of leadership gurus for long before you hear someone say something like: “You need to stop talking about what you are doing and just go do it.” The message is clear.


26 Radical Beliefs of Super-Star Business Leaders.

Just because you aren’t sure what to do doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything. The daily grind is better than being run over. Being a “nut job” is a just matter of everyone else’s limited perspective Limits are for ordinary


What To Do When Your Head Is On Fire.

Waiting isn’t a viable business strategy. Oh sure. You can make it your strategy.  Just like you can dance around on your tip-toes with your fingers in your ears shouting “LaLaLaLaLaaaa…” But it’s just ridiculous.  And you’re the one who comes


How To Put the Pieces Back Together.

Sometimes things break.  Sometimes you get broken. Despite all your hard work and great intentions, you can end up bankrupt – physically, emotionally, and financially.  Lying on the floor hung-over on the bitter headache of business failure and personal short-comings. As you look around


What To Do If Your Boss Is A Moron.

Let’s face it, your boss might not be the most emotionally evolved mammal on the planet. Chances are you will have to deal with (or have already dealt with) a boss that is all too like the chicanery you see


Celebrating the Secret to Success.

There is no faster way to world domination than in putting in gut-busting hard work.  Grueling emotional (and physical) labor. In all the chaos and frustration of being a business leader it is easy to lose track of that – especially when