September 2012

29.9.2012 Business

Why Changing Your Culture Doesn’t Work (and what to do about it).

KEITH FERRAZZI  is the world’s foremost expert in professional relationship development. He has transformed the lives and careers of clients and readers worldwide, bringing 20 years of research and experience to the art and science of business relationship development. His signature focus on success through relationships – a deeply energizing passion – has fueled his Read More 

28.9.2012 Attitude | Fear

I Wish I Had More Answers.

I wish I had it all together.  But I don’t. Sometimes I look around and all I see are a series of colossal screw-ups.  One after another. Rejection. Failure. My inability to climb higher. A times, the things I want to achieve seem out of reach.  The problems I solve are only replaced by new ones. Read More 

27.9.2012 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Doing the Easiest Thing.

Doing the easiest thing isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s pretty difficult. Doing the right thing isn’t ever wrong.  But that doesn’t make it an easy decision. Doing what’s easy is often hard to do. That’s the paradox you often face.  Things shouldn’t be as difficult as you feel like they are. But when you look Read More 

26.9.2012 Extreme Behavior | Love

The One Thing You Can Do Each Day That Will Change The World.

We all want to believe that what we do has an impact on the world around us.  That what we are doing is important.  Needed.  And special. But we often struggle with knowing what to do.  How to create impact.  How to feel special. In a world where hedonism and immediate gratification are advertised, expected, rewarded, and Read More 

25.9.2012 Business | Extreme Behavior

5 Unconventional Ways To Solve Any Big Business Problem.

Building a business is no easy task.  Growing a business is even harder. Just the time you think you have your problems worked out, problems seem to come out of nowhere. Big problems. Problems creating revenue.  Problems getting potential customers to listen.  Problems with employees and ego and your industry. Your day quickly becomes a Read More 

24.9.2012 Extreme Behavior | Fear

They Can Always Find Something Wrong With What's Right About You.

So let’s get this straight right now: “Just because you aren’t perfect, doesn’t mean you aren’t right.” There will always be things that you do that are wrong. Some bigger than others.  Some easier to spot than others. You’ll never completely stop being an idiot. That’s just how you’re wired — to make mistakes.   Read More