How To Grow Your Business Even When People Don’t Believe In You.

People believe what they want to believe. Regardless of logic or emotion in the moment, people most often make up their mind based off of a life’s worth of experiences that have crystallized into beliefs. So it doesn’t really matter


How Hate Makes Us Poor (And Stupid).

Hate. It’s all around us. We’ve become used to dealing with it. Used to hearing it. Tolerating it. Accepting it. And it doesn’t have to be the middle of an election cycle for you to hear lies and religion thinly covering the


5 Leadership Lessons I Learned While Pacing Myself.

One mile. Six minutes and fifty seconds. Twenty-six times in a row. That’s the run rate for finishing a marathon in under three hours.  And that’s what I started out the day Saturday morning thinking about.  Running my first marathon in


10 Reasons Not To Believe Anything Or Anyone.

Because you can’t be sure they aren’t lying to you. Because you don’t believe anything you don’t do (or see) for yourself. Because  you’re too busy to stop and think through all the angles. Because you don’t want to believe. Because


Why You Don’t Do What You Already Know How To Do.

Because you don’t know what to do next. That’s why. Chances are you know everything you need to know about anything somewhat related to achieving your success. Whatever you don’t know already you can find out quickly. Access to information


6 Lessons Your Business Can Learn From The Panhandler Who Conned Me.

It didn’t work.  The CD, that is. I got conned.  Played.  And right in front of my wife. Here is what happened. Sara and I were out for a rare night alone away from our three children.  We enjoyed dinner


Why Being Smart Is A Bad Business Strategy.

There is a big difference between being a smart person and having a great plan. Filling your company with smart people is obviously a great way to create a healthy environment of growth and competition.  But being smart doesn’t always


What Fire-In-The-Belly Really Means.

Often times you’ll hear someone make a comment about needing more “fire in the belly”.  And we all understand what it means. More passion.  More fight.  More emotional investment. It’s about an extra inner drive. A burning to achieve success


8 EDGY Ideas To Help You Stop Gambling Away Your Business Growth.

Building a successful business isn’t about doing one big thing right one time. Even though one big thing can cripple your business, it is usually a series of small things that determine how successful you become.  Not one big blast


How Selfishness Makes Your Business Stupid.

As a business, it’s impossible to do anything amazing completely on your own.  So being selfish (or stupid) is a bad way to attempt greatness. Most of the time you really need other people to help you.  You need support


Here Is What’s Wrong with “Thinking Big”.

BARBARA WEAVER SMITH understands how to help companies find, hunt, and close big deals.  She is the Best Selling co-author of  ”Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company” and a Partner at Waldschmidt Partners International.  Today,


Success is 75% Physical, 75% Mental.

Ever notice how anything amazing you want to accomplish always seems to takes more guts and heart than you thought you had? You start something audacious, expecting it to be rough and tough, and end up shaking your head wondering whether


The Secret The Smartest People In The World Know That You Don’t.

So much of life is about finding the lemonade in the bag of lemons that you are handed. Success starts with finding serendipity.  Spotting the moments of peace and beauty that brighten the otherwise stressful landscape of busy days and


The Chance You Might Be Wrong.

There is a chance that you might be wrong. There is a chance that what you thought was right really isn’t right after all. It’s wrong. Realizing that there is a chance that you might be wrong is a necessary


Having The Sometime Of Your Life.

It’s the sometimes that trip you up.  That stop you from seeing the world as it really is. It’s the sometimes that make you doubt your ability to be amazing. But the sometimesare a reason to look at life in


The Stupid Decision We Can Make Each Day.

One of the hardest parts of being successful is getting started. Doing big things can start out looking pretty scary. That’s how it is with any of us. We all want to do big things, but we often stop right


Credo Of The Conqueror.

Did you think it was going to be easy?  Did you think you were going to walk away untouched, unhurt, unblemished by the battle. Your mission isn’t an easy one.  No one promised you that life would be fair or reasonable.  That


The Big Mistake Leaders Make Reading Exit Interviews.

Nothing good comes from an exit interview. If you are a leader, reading the snotty feedback of disgruntled employees you’ve fired (or let leave on their own) is distracting and counter-productive. You won’t learn anything you don’t already know right


The Arrogance Of Big Dreams.

Ever notice how you offend some people when you want more for yourself.  You make some people angry when you decide to escape the ordinary and dream of defying the impossible. But nothing changes without a dream.  Without you dreaming.


The 2 Keys To Business Success You Won’t Like To Hear.

Creating success in business – or life – is a combination of two very important decisions.  Doing the hard things that everyone else is too afraid to do and ignoring everyone around you who disagrees with you. Make no mistake