Why You Should Work Like Every Day is Your Last.

Because it is.   Today never comes again.  The people you meet, the circumstances that come togetther, the opportunities that present themselves — they will never be like that after today. Today is all you have.  Today is all that


Brands Are Stupid. So Are You For Trying To Be One.

Enough with this stupid discussion about “brands” and “branding” and “being a brand.” We’ve become a bunch of business idiots. Who talks like that? (Insecure. Wannabe losers.  That’s who.) It’s chicken-shit business.  Bottom-feeder “fake it ’til you make it” ignorant


Why What You Say Doesn’t Matter And What To Do About It.

OK, it does matter a little.  Sometimes more than a little. But when it comes to marketing and sales speak, what you say has little to do with your success. Chances are what you are saying right now is close


A Few Truths You’re Probably Not Comfortable Hearing.

The uncomfortable truth about life, success, and making lots of money is that there is no one guaranteed way to make it happen. Some people seem to get lucky.  Others invent something wildly marketable. A few just seem to grind


6 Lessons I Learned Being A Loser.

The lessons you learn from losing can change the rest of your life. One of my first sales jobs was selling energy-efficient sun-rooms to homeowners in Northern Virginia. It was a sales job that paid huge commissions for quick sales.


Stop Saying “Thank You”.

Because you don’t really mean it. And just saying the words doesn’t really make a difference. Especially when you don’t mean it in the first place. We spend a lot of time doing things simply because of how others expect


Fire Your Board To Get Better Business Results.

Somewhere along the way you were told that if your business was going to be “somebody”that you needed to have a board of advisers whispering in your ear. You needed to find the right people to drag onto a monthly conference call where


What You Would Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Lose.

Nothing different than you are doing right now. That’s the truth.  Ugly perhaps.  But the truth. We often work ourselves up into “hypothetical overload” standing around pretending like we would live our lives differently if we magically knew that nothing


Make Leads Not Excuses.

KYLE PORTER is the CEO of SalesLoft, a software company that provides sales intelligence on your CRM database. Today his guest post explores common myths in the sales and marketing world and how having the right perspective can be a


6 Secrets To Living A Life That Owns The White Line.

You are going to move out of my way.  Whether you know it yet or not, I know a secret about you: “It’s just too messy for you to run me over.” That’s why I don’t need to back down.


The Secret To Crushing Everybody Else In Your Industry.

Want to dominate your industry?  There are a few ways to do that: Work harder. Innovate faster. Care more. Listen louder. Market better. Lie less. But mostly… work harder. There are plenty of excuses why you should get another degree,


6 Ways To Sell To Big Companies If You’re A Start-up.

AYDIN MIRZEE is the co-founder and the Co-CEO of Chide.it,  a software company that empowers intelligent decisions and the creators of  FluidSurveys.com and ReviewRoom.  Today his guest blog lays the foundation for how small business owners and entrepreneurs can leverage growth through big deals with big companies


11 Secrets to Business Success The Experts Won’t Tell You.

Just because social media is free doesn’t mean it get you results. You have to change the lingo before you can close the deal. The only way to get buyers to care about you is to care about them first.


How To Be a Business Bad-Ass When Everything Around You Stinks.

Hate and fear make for bad business strategies. Sadly, most of us figure that out too late. Our lives are easily distracted by another people’s nonsense. Our families are dysfunctional from time to time. Our employers create unnecessary stress for


The Toys That Make Us Stupid.

Why look around and take an interest in what is going on around you when you can look down at four inches of rectangular technology in your hand? That’s somehow become the silliness we believe. People don’t matter.  Ideas aren’t


Why Your Big Ideas Stall Out.

Because you don’t have a clue.  You’re too focused on you. Let’s take it from the top, OK? Everybody’s working on something. Mentally. Financially.  Physically. Look around. The world is full of people some place doing something somehow. Time doesn’t stop


Why Life Needs To Be Tough Before You Can Be Amazing.

Life is hard and then you die.  If you’re successful that is. That’s what Olympians believe.  They know that “things getting tough” means that they are in rare territory.  They are in the company of champions.  Competitors.  Game on. They


How What You Think Is Important Becomes Impotent.

It’s important to tie your shoe before you head out for physical exercise. Realistically, whether you do that or not has little long term impact on you as a person. There is a slim chance that you could trip over


4 Right Conversations To Talk Your Business Past Problems And Into Growth.

Almost any problem can be solved with a conversation. The right conversation that is. Regardless of the problem or the extent of the damage you are facing, if you can create the right conversation, you can restore balance and order