November 2012

30.11.2012 Attitude

Why You Should Work Like Every Day is Your Last.

Because it is.   Today never comes again.  The people you meet, the circumstances that come togetther, the opportunities that present themselves — they will never be like that after today. Today is all you have.  Today is all that matters. Today you’ll say your last words.  What will they be? Today you’ll make your Read More 

29.11.2012 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

Brands Are Stupid. So Are You For Trying To Be One.

Enough with this stupid discussion about “brands” and “branding” and “being a brand.” We’ve become a bunch of business idiots. Who talks like that? (Insecure. Wannabe losers.  That’s who.) It’s chicken-shit business.  Bottom-feeder “fake it ’til you make it” ignorant philosophy. Seriously, a brand?  That’s what you’re trying to build? What about changing the world? Read More 

28.11.2012 Business | Extreme Behavior

Why What You Say Doesn’t Matter And What To Do About It.

OK, it does matter a little.  Sometimes more than a little. But when it comes to marketing and sales speak, what you say has little to do with your success. Chances are what you are saying right now is close enough to the best way to pitch your goods. You can improve the nouns and Read More 

27.11.2012 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

A Few Truths You're Probably Not Comfortable Hearing.

The uncomfortable truth about life, success, and making lots of money is that there is no one guaranteed way to make it happen. Some people seem to get lucky.  Others invent something wildly marketable. A few just seem to grind along and accumulate over time. One of the things that makes the entire discussion of Read More 

26.11.2012 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

6 Lessons I Learned Being A Loser.

The lessons you learn from losing can change the rest of your life. One of my first sales jobs was selling energy-efficient sun-rooms to homeowners in Northern Virginia. It was a sales job that paid huge commissions for quick sales. If you were one of the top performers, making a handful of deals, you were Read More 

22.11.2012 Attitude | Love

Stop Saying "Thank You".

Because you don’t really mean it. And just saying the words doesn’t really make a difference. Especially when you don’t mean it in the first place. We spend a lot of time doing things simply because of how others expect us to behave. We say the right words. We do the right things. We pretend Read More