Two Words That Will Change The Rest Of Your Life.

Business success often comes down to a few simple words.  Frankly, so does success anywhere else in life. If you are going to be a champion you need to get good at getting sorry when you screw up. Otherwise you’ll


Forget About Resolutions. Make A Plan.

What are your resolutions for next year?  Are you going to be more responsible?  Get back in shape?  Save more money?  Read more books? You’ve been told that you won’t end up happy and fulfilled twelve months from now unless


9 Ways To Handle Whatever Happens Next.

What do you do now? That can be a hard question to figure out.  Paralyzing, in fact. Maybe what just happened is your life’s crowning moment.  Maybe you were just the happiest you have been in a long while.  Maybe


How To Be Happy.

There are times when it is easier to be happy than others.  But being happy isn’t just luck. You can make yourself happy. Surround yourself by people who love you. Give to others more than you take from them. Take


When It’s Not The End Of The World.

It’s not the end of the world if you try and fail and fail again. It’s not the end of the world if you put in your best effort and it’s not good enough. It’s not the end of the


To Be Amazing Stop Being Reasonable.

There’s always at least one in every group.  The “let’s be reasonable” guy. Anytime a plan get’s too audacious or expectations too grandiose, that guys chimes in with his obligatory reminder that you need to slow down, think a little


What Makes You A Winner.

You have to want it.  That’s what makes you a winner. You have to want to win. Like crazy. You have to want to win so badly that you are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. That’s


Talent Isn’t Good Enough.

There are a lot of people who are naturally smarter than you.  They have better degrees, more experience, and a gut instinct that is more refined. But you can beat them all, almost all the time.  Because talent isn’t the


Why Marketing Experts Are Wrong About Not Buying Email Lists.

Forget everything you’ve heard from marketing gurus about how you shouldn’t being buying email lists.  They’re dead wrong.   The problem isn’t the list you are using. And it’s not the fact that you haven’t already interacted with anyone on that list.


The Inconvenient Truth About Priorities.

Some people say that priorities matter. (That’s true.) That you can’t do it all; so you need to be clear about what you really want to do. And throw the rest away. But that’s not true. You can do it all. You


The Secret To Making Great Business Decisions When You’re Clueless.

The proof you’re looking for doesn’t exist. Rock solid, guaranteed, “won’t fail” proof — it’s not out there. As a business leader, if you wait to make a decision until you know you’re right, you’re usually making the wrong decision.


When Less Is Really A Lot More.

When you make fewer excuses. When you spend less time complaining. When you limit your options for  ”chickening out”. When you value quality over quantity. When you shorten the time between making mistakes and apologizing. When you reduce your debt and deny yourself


Take Your Stupid List and Shove It.

The mania around “adding names to your email list” has gotten way out of control. It’s absurdly bad business thinking. The jerkish teenage amateurism you are dying to plant an uppercut on. So how did we get here? And why


The Real Reason Why Relationship Selling Doesn’t Work.

You’ve been told time and time again that sales success comes down to trust and relationships. If buyers don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. That is usually true. If you don’t have a relationship with the buyer, they won’t


Trust Less = Stupid More.

Enough already with this coy business-speak about “playing things close to the vest”. That works when you’re playing cards. Not running a business. In a game of poker, it’s you against everyone else in the room. But when you’re leading


3 Reasons Why Good People Do Surprisingly Bad Things.

 Life can go sideways pretty quickly when you’re dealing with other people. At times you can find yourself scratching your head, confused, and outraged over the behavior of the people who you are dealing with. It doesn’t seem reasonable.  Or


How to Win More In Business.

Lose less. That’s your plan for being successful. If you want to win more work on losing less next time. It doesn’t have to happen all at one time but another way to think about progress is to plan to


The Secret To Achieving Greatness When You’re Just A Nobody.

You make the decision to keep trying no matter how hard it gets along the way. That’s the secret to greatness.  Even if you feel like a nobody. You never stop trying.  No matter how painful it feels or unpopular