Business success often comes down to a few simple words.  Frankly, so does success anywhere else in life.

If you are going to be a champion you need to get good at getting sorry when you screw up.

Otherwise you’ll never end up being as awesome as you otherwise could be.

Admittedly, that flies in the face of conventional business wisdom.

We’ve adopted well meaning ideologies like “never let them see you cry” and “fake it until you make it”to an insane degree of inappropriateness.  In our quest for toughness, we’ve mislabeled selfishness and ego as confidence and courage.

And it’s crippling our ability to achieve audacious acts of mind-blowing awesome.

Winners know the importance of saying “I’m Sorry.”

(And meaning it.)

Those two little words make all the difference when it comes to success or failure.

And maybe that’s because “I’m Sorry” isn’t the empty words we choke out when we’re backed into a corner.  It’s not a grudging admission of “getting caught”.

It’s an attitude of personal responsibility.  A lifestyle of changing what can most easily be changed — you.

Anything else is just a vicious struggle.

Frankly, we all struggle at times to say “I’m Sorry.” Especially when there are other people who are somewhat responsible.

Winners say “I’m Sorry” even when it’s embarrassing to do.

Nothing is more courageous than owning up to your inadequacies.  Wimps aren’t tough enough to try this.  They’re too busy pointing fingers, blaming karma, or speculating how unfair life is to them.

So while wimps whine, winners apologize.

And not because they feel pressured into it.  Not because they need to get out of trouble. They take control of the tiny sliver of life that they can influence — improving themselves.  The apology is just their way of letting you know on the outside what is already going on on the inside.

Simple words.  Just two of them.  But with the power to change the rest of your life.

What changed is your attitude.  Instead of being quick to blame, you’re quick to be a better person.

And that’s your hope for being a winner

Being better today than you used to be yesterday.

What would you do with the rest of your life if you were a better you tomorrow?

You can get started making that happen.