One time or another, you’ve had the thought running through your head that if you only knew more you would be more successful in life.

It’s only natural to think that. Most of the first 20 years of your life are completely focused on how much you know. And who you know more than.

So it’s only natural that you think knowing more will make you more successful.  Perhaps another degree, a conference, or a DVD business series is what you need to turn your situation around.

It’s frustrating.

Because the more you learn, the less you feel like you’re becoming successful.

That’s because, despite what you hear about success, it has very little to do with formal education. How much you know doesn’t really matter. It never has.

Some of the most successful people of all time did it without all the education you think you need:

Success isn’t really about how much you know.

What matters is what you do.

How hard you work.  What you are willing to do without until you realize your dreams.  That is what matters.

That is what has always mattered.  Then.  Now.  And forever.

One of the greatest inventors the world has ever know explained success this way: “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”  Thomas Edison didn’t just say that;  he lived it.  He would attempt over 10,000 separate tries in creating the light bulb.

Some people probably thought he was crazy.  And some will think you are too.

Maybe you’re just on your way to doing something mind-blowingly amazing.