Just because you’re the smartest person in your head doesn’t mean you’re the smartest person anywhere else.

Being unwilling to listen just makes you more stupid.  And cripples your chances of moving your business past the obstacles in your way.

Face it, you don’t know it all.

Even on your best day there are lots of things that are outside your areas of expertise.

That’s not a bad thing.  It just means that you are human.  The fact that you don’t know it all means that you have massive opportunities to be even more successful than you are right now.  That’s what the biggest super-stars in sports, business and politics know.

That you can always be better.  That you can learn from everyone around you — from anything that happens to you.  Even angry, unreasonable critics who hope you fail.

Listening makes you not stupid.

Thats about as simple as it gets.  When you listen and learn, you create new options, new opportunities for yourself.

No matter what you are facing right now — no matter what you have learned in your lifetime — you can still benefit by shutting up and listening to another perspective.

Just listen.  That’s all.

Just listen.  That’s the magic.  Just hearing the words that others tell you.  That’s where you’ll find the clues that lead you to success.

Remember, people won’t tell you anything they haven’t thought about before.  There is no real thing as “off the cuff” chit-chat. People speak based on their core values and on their emotions at the moment.

You can learn a lot by listening to what you hear.

Heck, no one wants to be stupid.  So don’t be: listen.