24 Easy Ways To Make Your Best Customers Hate You.

Take them for granted. Forget to love them. Overcharge and under-deliver. Never admit you make mistakes. Let them make mistakes. Not having their back. Thinking of yourself first. Stop following up or following through. Say too few “Thank You’s” Forget


Don’t Break If You’re Going For Broke.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is just going far enough to be “a respected loser”.   The guy who gets the polite “golf applause” without the winning the award on conquering a corner of the world. It’s


You Don’t Need Permission To Be Awesome.

Sometimes you just need to go do something awesome.  You need to burn the ships.  Puff your chest out against an angry enemy. You don’t need an excuse, an explanation, or permission.  You just need to go do it. If


Life Isn’t A Journey. It’s An Obstacle Course.

It’s OK to feel lost along your journey to success.  In fact, if you’re going someplace new you’ll be lost until the moment you arrive where you want to be.   And even then, where you end up can feel


What To Do When You Don’t Have Time To Do It All.

Just do what matters. It’s easy to forget the simplicity of focus; especially when there is so much that you are told that you “need to be doing”. From the calls that you “need” to be on to the meetings


The One Conversation That Could Solve Your Worst Business Nightmare.

It all started with an email. Around 7 p.m. on a Thursday evening, the CEO of one of my companies sent me an email asking me to take a look at some correspondence he had received from one of our


Why Smart Business Moves End Up Being Stupid.

When you don’t act with purpose you end up doing something stupid. Most horrific outcomes have little to do with what you actually did.  Sure, it’s true that for every action there is a deserved result. But that assumes that


If You’re Not Dreaming You’re Dying.

Life is busy. And chaotic. And frantic. And that’s with you being successful. On your best day you’re dying.  Getting pounded by a million unanswered questions and expectations. The only way to get your soul back is to dream big dreams.


It’s Too Late To Fix Things Fast.

Life doesn’t always take the the path that you want it to take. Despite your best plans and intentions, you can end up in some confusing situations.  Situations where sales seems impossible elusive, marketing is ineffective, and no one around


Maybe It’s Time To Be Clueless Again.

Remember when you used to think anything was possible? Remember when you thought you were special?  That you were going to beat the odds. Remember when you “knew” you were going to be the one to make it? That was


Work Like a Spy: Business Tips Shared CIA Style.

J.C. CARLESON is a former undercover CIA officer. She spent nine years conducting clandestine operations around the globe before trading the real world of espionage for writing about espionage. She is the author of Work Like A Spy: Business Tips


Everybody Else Is Stupid.

And sometimes so are you. Ever notice how there isn’t much that you can suggest where everybody automatically agrees with you? It’s pretty much impossible. Whether  you are taking a meeting notes, suggesting a restaurant for dinner, are coming up


You Gotta Like the Taste of Blood.

Let’s be frank.  You won’t be successful at much of anything if you aren’t willing to fight like a maniac to get what you want. You have to enjoy the combat.  Relish it. Crave it. Expect it.  Plan it. You


6 Timelessly Brilliant Business Strategies That Don’t Make Sense.

Some of the most important business lessons just don’t seem to make sense. Despite all of our sophistication and advanced thinking over the last few decades, there are a few timeless business lessons that defy logic. At face value your


Why You Don’t Need to Blink.

You don’t have to blink when your biggest customer tells you that “they need to make a change.” You don’t have to blink when one of your top executives unexpectedly decides to move on to another company. You don’t have


Fight Your Own Damn Battles.

Literally.  Fight ”your” battle.  Don’t waste your emotion and intellect fighting for someone else’s highly-emotional, semi-logical ego conquest. Whether it’s business or politics or religion (or family nonsense) there are endless battles that present themselves. You are enlisted, recruited, pressured by friends,