Life doesn’t always take the the path that you want it to take.

Despite your best plans and intentions, you can end up in some confusing situations.  Situations where sales seems impossible elusive, marketing is ineffective, and no one around you seems to have clear answers to the complex questions that plague your inability to get things done.

All of a sudden you feel the looming weight of urgency.  Things need to change fast.  You need more business — and you need it tomorrow.

But you know that’s not possible.

In the pit of your stomach you know that it’s too late to fix things fast.  It’s going to be a slow, painful process going forward.

And looking back you notice a small, insignificant trail of bad habits that seem to have combined to cause this massive disaster.

You are left with questions.

But it’s too late to fix those problems fast.

You can’t make people forget the way they feel about you or what you did to them.  So it takes time and better behavior from you to turn around years of bad habits.

The truth is that sales and marketing doesn’t need to be difficult.  Building an inspiring culture doesn’t need to be massively confusing.  You don’t need to worry about unexpected problems exploding around you at the worst possible time.

You just need to do the small things right.  It’s as easy as that.