Maybe It’s Time To Be Clueless Again.

Remember when you used to think anything was possible?

Remember when you thought you were special?  That you were going to beat the odds.

Remember when you “knew” you were going to be the one to make it?

That was before you knew better.

Before you heard on the news that the economy was crashing, that there wasn’t a job for you with your advanced degree, and that the government was broke and your grand-kids were going to have to pay the tab fifty years from now.

Before you tried to get a mortgage and were told that you didn’t fit the profile of a reliable lendee.

Before you found out that your customers weren’t buying as fast as your company was firing.

What you “knew” made things worse.

It wasn’t all of a sudden.  But looking back you can see the sudden change — the more you found out, the less you cared to try.

Because you knew it didn’t really matter any more.  Everyone around was perfectly convinced that success wasn’t possible for anyone.  And you weren’t clueless enough to believe that you were different.

The facts spelled doom and gloom and you sounded down right stupid trying to tell yourself that you were strong enough, smart enough, tough enough to come out the other side a winner.

So maybe it’s time to go back to clueless.

Maybe it’s time to shuck the talk radio and news commentary programs.  Maybe it’s time to get friends who talk about hope and help instead of fear and failure.

Maybe it’s time to go back to the days when you thought you could make it.  When you thought you were one of the lucky ones who was going to beat the odds and make something out of yourself.

Your smart friends might tell you that you have your head in the sand, but you know the truth.  You just know that what you “know” can hurt you.

Ignorance isn’t just bliss.  It’s the secret to staying motivated.

  • http://www.StandUp8Times.com/ Diana Schneidman


    Too much reality is simply depressing.

    We’ve got to believe we can beat the odds or the odds will win every time.


    • http://www.DanWaldschmidt.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      Very true, Diana. The odds win when we doubt our ability to do the impossible.


  • http://twitter.com/ThatOtherJC John Corbett

    Where do you come up with this stuff Dan? It’s brilliant….but it’s out there. And I love it!

    • http://www.DanWaldschmidt.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      Thanks, John. My brain does look at things sideways. :-)


  • http://MyMarketingCompass.com/ Billy Delaney

    The soul sucking “know” but, you can’t run or hide from it. You can refuse to dance with it and shine…

    • http://www.DanWaldschmidt.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      You got that right, Billy. Great insight…

      • http://MyMarketingCompass.com/ Billy Delaney

        Nice to get a reply and thanks. I read around your site. Some clues to other interests there. Seminary? Me too! Retired.

  • Michael Ryan

    Dan, great post. I oft finds my “Columbo-questions” produce some of the best results – for me and anyone around. The pieces seem to come together a little better and clearer when we boil things down to basics. Talk soon. M

    • http://www.DanWaldschmidt.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      Yep. Amazing how that works, right?


  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.peters.587606 Jeff Peters

    What a timely post, Dan. I was just thinking about this the other day, remembering how I was in my 20s, right out of school and ready to take on the world! Of course that was during the Tech Boom when it seemed much easier to “take on the world” and win. Great post!

    • http://www.DanWaldschmidt.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      We are headed into another big boom. So hold on to your hat… :-)


  • Emanuel

    So… what you don’t know …can’t hurt you , is that what you said ?!

    • http://www.DanWaldschmidt.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      Something like that….


  • Vin

    Good stuff Dan. I think it’s a little like rating an elephant, focus on each bite and before you ‘ know’ you have accomplished something big.

    • http://www.DanWaldschmidt.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      One bite at a time…. [BITE]


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