There is a lot not to like about trying to be successful.

You are never going to like how long it takes to turn  your ideas and dreams into life-changing success.

Not matter now close you are right now, success always seems to be another day, another dollar, and a little bit more effort away.  And if you let that grind stop you, you’ll never end up doing what it takes to make it to your goal.

You’ll stop before you make it to where you want to be.  You’ll quit — not because you’re not tough, smart, or up-for-the-task — because you get overwhelmed by not knowing when all the pain will go away.

If you knew when it was going to be over you could stick it out.  But not knowing makes each moment unbearable.

So unbearable that don’t think you can make it.  Not one more day.  Those days it helps to just show up.  Sometimes that all you can do.  Show up.

The difference it makes is life-changing.

If today was the day that you were supposed to win, did you show up?