How To Avoid Being More Crazy Than You Already Are.

Remember the last time you were really afraid?

Maybe it was a health scare the last time you visited the doctor.  Or a job scare when your boss looked at you and said “you need to turn things around right now”.

All of a sudden your heart starts beating faster. Your hands feel sweaty. It seems hard to breathe. Without planning for it to happen, your body feels frozen in time. Paralyzed. Terrified.

The truth is that fear paralyzes you without even giving you a chance to react.  It’s part of your brain’s built-in defense mechanism.

A way of thinking your brain learned from caveman days.

A way of thinking about the world that hasn’t evolved much since then.

Your brain controls and automates all of your body’s response systems. Most of those controls happened subconsciously. Without you even thinking much about them.

The instant your brain feels fearful it takes over active control of your nervous response system. Your adrenaline attaches to your muscles, giving you extra strength and energy. Your brain tell your digestive system to stop working so you have a little extra energy to get out of trouble if you need it. Your saliva glands are shut off to save you that much more energy as well.

Your whole body is on high alert to keep you alive.

Which is an amazing response if you’re facing a life-or-death possibility. If you’re stuck in a blizzard or stuck in a burning car, your brain’s protection is what gives you that extra edge. But if you’re sitting in a doctor’s office or in a conference room, your brain’s over-protection contributes to the exact same reaction.

When you hear words you don’t understand your brain’s survival protection can turn on. That fear can cripple you. It can leave you speechless when you so desperately want to have the right words to say.

Your fear could make you destroy valuable relationships, because you think you’re dying — when you are really only hurting and scared.

Fear makes you a little more crazy than you already are.

Fear shackles your ambitious and undermines your motivation to achieve greatness. Fear distorts a world of opportunity. It turns challenge and conquest into an arena where failure seems like the only likely outcome.

The truth is that fear isn’t reality. Its just a nightmare. A nightmare that will keep you sweating, tossing, and turning until you tell yourself it’s time to wake up.

It’s time to start dreaming good dreams. And fighting through the fear that will otherwise destroy everything good in your life.

From time to time, it bears remembering that no good thing is ever made  better by the worst nightmares living in your brain.

Holds tightly to your dreams.

Refuse to let them go. Live mightily.

Resolve to push through the fear making you a little bit more crazy than you already are.

  • williamjameslewis


    You’ll see, When you get older, Pretend if you will, for just one moment. Pretend, I am Your voice from the future. And now Dan, I’ll tell you, Somewhere along the way you will be confronted by a situation that will tell you, in the most explicit terms, so as too convince even you yourself, That now I have finally proven, I am strong enough of character too put fear behind me.

    When you push the envelope too ‘THE EDGE’ going for broke’, You better get a grip on your fears before you slide slowly down, up too your chin splashing into your mouth cold soon assimilating my surroundings whatever I may be.

    In July last year after I had put my big toe in the freeze box and lay myself too rest on the white sofa facing the house.
    ‘It’ had been easy finding courage when I was actively taking care of myself making phone calls, forgetting glasses, making poetry, walking back and forward marching
    it was easy too remember anything which would help

    But now, I had only too wait. I was a little apprehensive and for the briefest of moment’s felt what panic would demand, took myself away and waited.

    It was only an hour or so and two miserable toes but the lesson was clear in handling fear, dude, just put ‘it’ away.

    I have arrived, I didn’t break,
    I’m discussing ethics and in so doing confronting my own conclusions too test other minds. Discrimination in all forms disturb me intensely and in simple terms,
    I’m tired of ‘it’, Sick of ‘it’. And, I have promised too make a difference. I’m working on ‘it’.

    I love music, My Mother sang beautifully from morning too night Bille Holiday, Mario Lanza too Frank Sinatra, ‘The Sixties’ All ells without exclusion and respect for the Arts.

    And now I find another passion while commenting encouragement too great talent.
    I am in awe of our youth and talents I see and hear, of an internet nearly eleven months old too me, has blown me away leaving me wondrous and in awe again.

    Still losing texts losing passwords still don’t know why this and that, lost, I’m lost and I don’t want too’b found but I will establish.

    A different approach. A noble approach. ‘It’ will be an Ethical approach when I finally get ‘IT’ in place.

    Thanks Dan for another Great One.


    • http://www.WaldschmidtPartners.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      You are right, William. You have to master your fears or you won’t go anywhere. You have a gritty take on things, my friend. Well written…


  • williamjameslewis

    Thanks Dan, That was decent of You, I appreciate that. William.

    • http://www.WaldschmidtPartners.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      You bet, William…

  • http://twitter.com/cduren23 Charlotte Duren

    Nice breakdown of the fear process! This is important because we must know the enemy in order to conquer.

    • http://www.WaldschmidtPartners.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      That’s right, Charlotte. To beat the enemy you must first know “him” (or “it”)…


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