If You Keep Going You’ll Get There.

It’s as simple as that.

  • If you keep running in the right direction you’ll reach the finish line.
  • If you keep fighting long enough you’ll end up being the last one standing.
  • If you keep dreaming big enough you’ll end up doing something incredible.

But none of that works if you don’t keep going.

You don’t get there if you don’t keep going.

It’s that simple.  Nothing crazy about it.

A lot of life is complex and confusing.  It can be hard to know what works.  And why.

But effort is easy to understand.  Big dreams demand big work.

If you work hard enough (long enough), you can achieve anything.

Which leaves you no other option — you’ve just got to keep going.

  • Kyle C.

    I concur 100%. Tempered passion and courageous tenacity wins in the end.

    The second mouse gets the cheese… I often use that to remind myself that I should never expect to get it right the first time. Doing so deprives myself of valuable lessons and should concern me more than making a mistake. I can and will learn from my mistakes but if I get it right the first time, all the time, every time then I’m old enough to die as there’s nothing more to learn.

    • http://www.WaldschmidtPartners.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      Sometimes I find that I am not even getting the 2nd cheese. More like the 34th or 573rd. Right?

      It’s a simple truth that we often overlook. The answer is not to work smarter (as a solution by itself) but to plunge ahead and keep trying.


      p.s. BTW, it’s not glorious to be an idiot (an purposefully work dumb). You start working smarter automagically when you realize how hard it is to keep going…

  • Dan Skognes

    Perseverance is highly underrated. Great points you made, Dan. We all have a desire to win. Some seem to just want it more than others and are willing to pay the price. Some have become so beat up that they quit trying. Sad, but true. Looks like we have a common goal, to bring hope to the world.


    Dan Skognes

    • http://www.WaldschmidtPartners.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

      What you said is true: “Perseverance is highly underrated.” And I’m entirely sure why. But we do spend a lot of time talking about everything other than what really matters — fighting on.

      Great to meet you, Dan, and great comment. Keep being awesome.


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