February 2014

28.2.2014 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

How Your Boss Decides If You're Worth Promoting.

In every fight, as things start to get messy, leaders will look around them to see who still “has their back”. Who is still working and sweating and trying. It’s natural. They’re tired and stressed and cranky about what still needs to be done. And in those moments of frustration, they look around to make sure Read More 

27.2.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Changing Isn't Hard. Needing To Is.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to change when you need to change? You might spend 50 years screaming ‘bloody murder’ about how you’ll never eat green leafy vegetables, but once you’ve had a heart attack and the doctor tells you that you’re at high risk to have another one, it’s pretty amazing Read More 

26.2.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior | Fear | Leadership | Pain

The Lie Of Easy Choices.

There is no such thing as making an easy choice. By definition — if it is a choice, it’s hard work. It requires that you consider multiple options. It demands that you make a determination that could impact the rest of your life. What’s easy about that at all? The problem is that making the Read More 

25.2.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Why Farmers Don't Whine And You Shouldn't Either.

Despite new tools and more sophisticated technology, the formula for success looks a lot like it did thousands of years ago. Have a dream. Put together a plan. Work like crazy. There are always trendy strategies that pop up from time to time. Ideas for making more money faster, right now. Strategies to work smarter Read More 

24.2.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Pain | Selfishness

It Doesn't Matter One Bit.

It doesn’t matter what other people get away with that you can’t seem to let slide by. It doesn’t matter what you think is fair or how often things seem to be unlucky for you. It doesn’t matter how many more times you have to try than those around you. It doesn’t matter how other people got Read More 

21.2.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Not Every Day.

Not every day is a moment with you find yourself standing on stage receiving an award. Not every day is the time for you to turn over a new leaf. Not every day do you feel like you’re in charge and control of your destiny. Not every day are you working at your full potential. Read More