March 2014

31.3.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

The Most Honest Business Advice You Might Never Hear.

Success usually doesn’t come with a trophy. It comes with a pair of jeans that have dirty knees. Along the way it doesn’t look like you’re leading a parade. It feels like your building the pyramids and someone’s cracking the whip over your head, threatening you to do more or lose your dinner. We like Read More 

28.3.2014 Attitude | Leadership

Why Saying NO To Yourself Makes Such A Big Difference.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of ordinary people who achieve outrageous success is their ability to deny themselves pleasure during their pursuit of big dreams. Instead of getting sidetracked with trendy technology, vacation homes, or the latest and most fashionable vehicle, ordinary people in pursuit of big dreams say NO to anything that isn’t wildly important. Read More 

27.3.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

You Get To Decide When It's Over.

It’s never over until you’re over. It’s not done until you’re done. The job isn’t finished until you’re finished. That’s the beautiful complexity of life. If you want something, you can go and get it as long as you can go. If you want to be somebody different, you can do that as long as you’re Read More 

26.3.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Fear

Why Busy People Get More Done And How You Can Too.

When you don’t have a plan for how you are going to spend your day, you’ll usually find yourself wasting the moments you have to make a difference. That’s the secret of being busy. That’s why busy people get more done.  Because they are already moving. When you already have things to do it’s easy Read More 

25.3.2014 Extreme Behavior | Fear | Pain

How To Pursue Life Tired And Tough.

You’re going to get tired. You’re going to lose sleep. If you’re working hard toward achieving an impossible goal then you’re going to have to manage life with tired eyelids. It doesn’t matter what your dream might be, working hard and getting things done is going to cost you some sleeping time. And not just Read More 

24.3.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

Forget Doing And Just Start Trying. Harder.

As a 16 year old boy, Jadav watched as a torrential flood ripped through his home in Assam, India.  The powerful currents in that 1979 storm smashed violently through his city destroying homes, leveling trees, and washing away most of the forest.  The devastation was instantaneous and horrific. The impact would be felt for years Read More