You don’t have to get all the way there. But you do have to get started moving that direction.

The problem with accomplishing big goals is that you often allow yourself to be tricked into thinking that you need to apply massive amounts of  effort over a short period of time in order to be successful.

Steady progress is your greatest weapon.

You need to build momentum.

Build it. Keep it. Grow it. And ultimately, leverage it.

Momentum is just a series of small steps applied with consistency. Day by day by day. It’s not a burst of massive energy over a few days. It’s an ongoing commitment to doing a little bit better each day than yesterday until you get  to where you want to be.

What does that mean?

Take a tiny step. Do one thing.

Not 50. Not 5. Not 2.

Just do one thing today that pushes you closer to where you want to be. And then repeat that tomorrow. And the day after that. And the week after that.

And every day until you get to where you want to be.