October 2016

31.10.2016 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

22 Times The Experts Were Wrong And What You Can Learn About That.

In 1828, Dr. Dionysys Larder, a science writer and academic made the case that “rail travel at high speed is not possible because passengers would be unable to breathe.” Today, the Shanghai Maglev Train reaches 268 mph during its daily service. In 1876, senior executives at Western Union made the decision that “This telephone has Read More 

26.10.2016 Attitude

Drowning Within.

You won’t drown because you’re surrounded by water. You drown when water gets in you. The same is true for doubt and fear and negativity. It’s all around you. And that’s not a problem until it seeps inside you. And you feel yourself drowning. Dreams torn from your fingers. Hope dashed. You can’t always escape Read More 

25.10.2016 Extreme Behavior | Pain

Rigging The System.

No one is out to get you. You might feel discouraged, bullied and beat down. You might be surrounded by people who seem to delight in your misery. Things might be incredibly difficult for you. With no end in sight and no apparent way out of the challenges you are facing. Before you blame somebody Read More 

24.10.2016 Fear | Leadership

The Most Likely Opportunity For You to Fail.

Your biggest strength is also the most likely opportunity for you to fail. It creates the best opportunity and environment for failure. Determination and resilience are essential qualities that all champions exhibit. But left unchecked, those same qualities will turn you into a bully. You will belittle those who don’t agree with you or when Read More 

20.10.2016 Attitude


If you wait for the right time or the right people to get started doing what needs to be done, you’ll never get started. If you stop trying because other people are cold and unkind you’ll never get anywhere. Life is tough. Perform anyway. In the words of Mother Teresa: People are often unreasonable, irrational, and Read More 

19.10.2016 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Never Assume.

Never assume that other people are as passionate about you being as successful as you are. They aren’t. Never assume that your problems are the result of anyone else’s decision. They aren’t. Never assume that you can fix a hard situation with an easy answer. You can’t. Never assume that what used to work well Read More