23.2.2017 Attitude | Fear | Pain

Willing To Pay Whatever Cost.

The cost of freedom is fear. The cost of progress is pain. The cost of innovation is ridicule. The cost of believing is loneliness. The cost of trying is failure. The cost of friendship is status. The cost of trust is abuse. Greatness demands grit. You can’t change your life or improve your financial position Read More 

20.2.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

How Winners Think Differently.

The biggest difference between winners and losers is how they each think. Winners think about winning. What they want. What they need to do. Where they need to do it. And how. Losers think about not losing. They don’t want to be embarrassed or look like a fool. At a quick glance, it looks like Read More 

15.2.2017 Attitude | Fear | Leadership

Your Truth Will Come Out.

There aren’t many secrets you will die with. The truth about life and your pursuit of success is that the truth eventually comes out. If you’ve been living a lie, you’re guaranteed to be discovered — even if it takes decades. If you’re feeling undiscovered and discouraged by a lack of recognition, know that your hard Read More 

9.2.2017 Attitude | Love

Do What You Love.

Do what you love. Follow that path passionately. Don’t be distracted by what other people tell you should be important. Money follows passion. It doesn’t proceed it. Happiness follows passion. You don’t find it by avoiding your passion. Everything you want for yourself is anchored by doing what you love. It’s your reason to get Read More 

7.2.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

How To Make Hard Things Easy.

It’s easy to get things done. You just have to get started. It’s easy to get forgiveness when you hurt people. You just have to ask for it. It’s easy to learn something new. You just have to go look for it. It’s easy to improve and grow. You just have to want to. It’s Read More