May 2017

31.5.2017 Attitude | Fear | Pain

Because You’re Poisoning Your Future.

What you consume has an impact on you. It’s not a shock for you to believe that drinking poison would negatively impact your existence. It’s not a shock for you to imagine that surrounding yourself with negative, lazy people would negatively impact your enthusiasm for living. The things you put into your body and into Read More 

30.5.2017 Attitude | Fear | Leadership

What Is it Going To Take?

What’s it going to take to get your attention? You’ve been wasting your time. Filling your life with self-destructive behaviors and fulfilling personal addictions. Thinking little of the consequences that are sure to follow. You aren’t obsessed about a purpose. You’re just trying to do as little as possible. You’re hoping that no one else Read More 

29.5.2017 Attitude | Leadership

Poverty Is A State Of Mind.

Poverty is a state of mind. What you think about most is who you are–and what you achieve. Wealth is how everyone else knows what you have been thinking about. It’s the end result. In science & business, we call this a “trailing indicator.” The very last alert you’ll see. Being broke isn’t a state Read More 

27.5.2017 Extreme Behavior

When You Tri More.

Swimming was everything Karen knew. While other girls her age were playing with dolls, she was in the pool–on her town’s swim team competing against older, stronger, and faster kids. At Princeton, she led her swim team to win their conference division championships three of the four years she swam. But when Karen graduated in Read More 

24.5.2017 Attitude

It’s Not Noise. It’s Their Story.

If you feel like you’re not being heard, you might be right.  Being heard is an emotion that is human. It’s vital to your sanity and horribly frustrating when you don’t feel it happening.  There’s an important lesson to be learned. Especially when all around you is a fog of noise. Know this.  Everyone wants the Read More 

23.5.2017 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Right Now.

What are the top three things you know you need to do right away that you been avoiding up to now? What two good things do you need to cut from your life right now so that you are no longer distracted from pursuing your goal of being awesome? Who is that one person in your Read More