June 2017

27.6.2017 Attitude | Fear

What You Put Into You.

What you put into yourself is what you get out. Happiness in. Happiness out. Anger in. Anger out. You’re going to have bad days where you do things you’re not proud of. But as a rule, your output is directly related to your input. If you are like most people, you will spend a significant Read More 

26.6.2017 Attitude | Fear | Pain

Your Cross To Bear.

Success won’t come easily. And not because you’re not smart enough or strong enough. Not because you don’t want it bad enough. Success hurts because you hurt. You’re flawed. For every massive strength, you have an equally magnificent weakness. A flaw so all-consuming that at times it can seem completely debilitating. It takes over your Read More 

24.6.2017 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

Living An Unbeatable Life.

Living an unbeatable life is about pushing past the pain and fear and doubt that holds you back. You embrace being uncomfortable because you know the agony is making you a better weapon for winning. Read More 

22.6.2017 Attitude

What Finishing Really Means.

You're going to learn new things. Over time you're going to have more resources to apply to those new things you have learned. Your circumstances are going to change. To be successful you're going to have to change. Read More 

21.6.2017 Fear | Pain

Creativity Is Messy.

Creativity is messy. Innovation isn’t linear. You might automatically assume that as you learn and grow and mature that all of your insight and experience will propel you in a straight line towards where you want to be. But that’s not the case. Success almost always demands a reboot. A time when you fail and Read More 

20.6.2017 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

9 Steps To Creating Your Greatest Comeback Story.

You’re not going to make the journey to success without getting knocked down. You’re going to make mistakes.  You’re going to do things that end up costing you money, time, and friendships with people you love. You’re going to feel depressed, forlorn, and completely demotivated.  It doesn’t matter how smart you are in your journey to Read More