26.8.2015 Extreme Behavior

If It’s Easy, You’re Losing.

Avoid the easy path. It’s already crowded with everyone else hoping to achieve success by doing what comes without an extraordinary investment of effort, emotion, and personal investment. By the way, the quick idea or sure thing isn’t new to you. You’re not the only one who’s looking for a break in the battle. You’re not Read More 

25.8.2015 Business

Why It’s Stupid To Rank Employees. 

You don’t rank employees. You rank winners. Every podium stand only has three levels, third place, second place, and the overall winner. Unless you’re building a company with just three employees it’s a waste of your time and horribly counterproductive to review your employees by ranking them. Review them. And do it regularly. Rate them. And Read More 

24.8.2015 Attitude | Business | Leadership

You Should Take It Personally.

“It’s just business – not personal.”   “We had to make a decision. Don’t take it personally.” Ever heard that before? Ever been told that you shouldn’t get upset over a disappointing decision because it wasn’t “personal”? Somehow you’re overreacting. Overly emotional. Broken. Flawed. Wasting your time on hurt feelings and righteous outrage. You’re supposed to Read More 

19.8.2015 Business | Extreme Behavior

A Better Idea Is A Waste Of Your Time. 

It doesn’t matter what ideas you have. Everyone has ideas. Everyone. That guy you think is really brilliant, he has ideas. That guy you can’t stand, he has ideas too. The crazy thing about ideas is that they don’t really matter. You think they do. In fact, you’ll spend a lot of time agonizing about Read More 

18.8.2015 Business | Leadership

Your Leadership Strategy Sucks. 

Most businesses that fail do so because the leaders running them don’t create a culture of awesomeness. In other words, their leadership strategy sucks. And it cripples everything that they do. Business culture is a curious thing. You have one whether you realize what it is or not. And if you’re not focused and clear about Read More 

17.8.2015 Attitude

Yes You Can.

Don’t say you “can’t do it”.  Say that you don’t “want to do it”. Say that “you don’t feel like it”. Say that in order to do it your life is going to be so painful that you can’t imagine the prospect of going through something so terrible. Of course you can do it. It’s Read More