27.2.2015 EDGY Perspective

Get Tough. [EPTV]

You’re probably reading this because you had the same question that we did: why have thousands of ordinary people succeeded against all odds when other people, just like them, fail? It’s a question we’ve spent 4 years and thousands of hours studying and agonizing over. But it’s a simple answer: They “get tough.” Now if Read More 

25.2.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Awesome Isn’t Easy. 

It’s easy to work a job. It’s easy to work extra hard and get promoted. It’s easy to make a lot of money and live life on your own terms. It’s easy to win at sports, fall in love, and live life to the fullest. Awesome isn’t easy. It’s hard to describe. Hard to explain. Read More 

24.2.2015 Extreme Behavior | Love | Pain

How Much Better Should Your Life Be?

It’s hard to have tough conversations. That’s why we call them “tough”. The kind where you crinkle your eyes and tip your head to the side. The kind where you can’t even look the other person in the eye. Those are the tough times where it’s painfully difficult to communicate what you feel. What you want to Read More 

23.2.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

There Is No Substitute.

Life is full of options.  You can choose almost anything, at any time. From what you eat to where you work to when you brush your teeth — you have almost infinite options. You can substitute what you don’t like for something that you do like. But all that changes when it comes to living a Read More 

20.2.2015 EDGY Perspective

Don’t Be Dumb. [EPTV]

Our parents taught us to avoid doing dumb things in life—touching a hot stove, crossing the street without looking both ways, taking candy from a stranger—but who took us by the hand and told us dumb business mistakes to avoid? Millions of people are making dumb business mistakes. And they don’t even realize it. “Experts” tell you that Read More 

18.2.2015 Attitude | Fear | Leadership

Confusion Is The Path To Take.

If you always seem to have it all figured out, watch out. Be prepared for a life of mediocrity. The tough truth about success is that it’s a struggle. It’s a daily fight. It’s a battle against confusion, irritation, and the fear of never figuring it out. Confusion itself isn’t the enemy. The fear of being confused, Read More