24.11.2015 Attitude | Fear

When You’re Stuck Being Stuck.

You’ve been told countless times to make time for what’s important.  To do things that matter. Why is it so hard then to be confident in what you’re doing? You’ve been there before. Maybe you’re there right now. You have an idea in your head about what you want to do. You have a dream Read More 

23.11.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Maybe It’s Time To Tear Up Some Shingles.

Until you’re willing to do whatever it takes, you’re never going to be successful. You might get close. You’ll probably end up with a story to tell. But you will never realized the magic of breakthrough until you’re willing to do the hard things that you make excuses to avoid doing right now. You have Read More 

19.11.2015 Extreme Behavior

Manage It.

Success isn’t an accident. It’s a journey you have to manage carefully. Manage your money. — Save more than you spend. Avoid debt. Live financially fit. Manage your momentum. — Do one thing each day to get you closer to where you want to be. Manage your motivation. — Stay away from negative people. Read more. Watch Read More 

18.11.2015 Attitude

All You Can.

Learn all you can. Dream all you can. Laugh all you can. Create all you can. Forgive all you can. Listen all you can. Work all you can. Recover all you can. Invest all you can. Save all you can. Adapt all you can. Believe all you can. Study all you can. Improve all you can. Love all you can. Be as awesome as you can. Read More 

17.11.2015 Business | Pain

The Sad Truth About Why You’re Failing.

You’re most likely to fail because you can’t figure out how to manage your money. That’s the sad truth about attempting to achieve success. Most of the time you’re not going to fail because of anything that anyone else does to you. You’re likely to fail because you’re broke. You don’t know how to spend money, Read More 

16.11.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

You Create Your Own Possibility.

Possibility isn’t a fact. It’s someone’s opinion. Whether you can accomplish big dreams or not isn’t a guarantee. Either way. Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean that you won’t be the first to do it. And just because someone else did it in the past doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to Read More