22.4.2017 Extreme Behavior

You’re Not Willing To Be That Weirdo.

Hitting a golf ball correctly takes years of practice. Center yourself over the ball. Start with your arms straight and bend a little at the waste. Rotate the club backwards in an arc up towards your shoulder while twisting the hips to follow suit. Drive the clubhead through the ball like a hockey slapshot with Read More 

20.4.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

The Humility To Dominate.

You’re not too good to get on your knees and work for success.  That’s what it takes to achieve greatness. Humility. A deep sense of mission and purpose.  You might feel like you’ve struggled too long to still be in this position right now.  You might feel like you’re above the primacy of doing whatever it Read More 

19.4.2017 Business | Extreme Behavior

Get Up. Get Busy.

Get up and get busy. Get out of bed. Stop telling yourself that you’re not a morning person. You’re just not a motivated person. All the things that you want for yourself require you to get to work right now. That fear you feel — it goes away when you begin to apply activity. So get Read More 

18.4.2017 Extreme Behavior

That’s Not Success. It’s Just A Sugar Rush.

The hard thing about success is that it demands you do hard things. You can not achieve greatness by simply doing what is easy. It doesn’t work. Which is why all the quick fixes and “guaranteed home runs” you’re trying to find are just a waste of your time. There is no plan that you Read More 

17.4.2017 Fear | Leadership | Pain

The Problem With Not Failing.

The problem with not failing is that you never get any better. Forward progress is a result of loss and suffering. Whatever you call it – a try or an iteration, a pivot, a test, or a trial balloon – trying and failing is uncomfortable, no matter how you tried to rationalize the outcome. But Read More 

15.4.2017 Extreme Behavior | Pain

If It Doesn’t Suck You’re Not Doing It Right.

Like so many other 10-year-old boys, Kieran Behan went into surgery for a small tumor discovered on his leg. It was a routine surgery, performed thousands of times across the United Kingdom. Cut out the growth. Stitch up the wound. Today, of course, was to be no different. Except it was. As the surgeon cut Read More