Clean Up Your Damn Mess First.

It’s hard to get things done when you don’t know what you want to do. Even if you know what you want to do it’s difficult to achieve success when your life is a mess. You need to have a


Pottery Jenga And The Secret To Being Good At Just About Anything.

If you’ve ever taken a pottery class, you know how truly amazing it is when an  artist turns a lump of clay into a gorgeous vase. It seems so easy when the wheel is spinning and the artist’s wet finger


Don’t Believe Everything You Don’t Hear.

It’s ironic how you often only hear what you want to hear. Other times you hear everything that wasn’t said. You can walk away from a meeting offended or leave your email inbox shaking your head wondering why people are


You Should Be Fed Up By Now.

You should be a little angrier than you are right now. Think about it — you’ve tried and tried and tried and still aren’t where you want to be. Sure, some of what you said you wanted to do has

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Fox Business News: Is Your Email Marketing Being Buried By Spam?

Fox Business News in NYC, New York

The facts behind email marketing success don’t lie; only five to 10 percent of recipients will actually open their message.

Only one-tenth of one percent will actually do something with it, and a remarkable 45 percent of those will unsubscribe.

Dan Waldschmidt is an internationally revered business strategist who has consulted for GE, Cisco and other leaders in their industry. The Wall Street Journal calls his blog one of the Top 7 sales blogs on the internet.

“Your email marketing efforts are very likely to be a waste of time, if you don’t utilize the latest techniques for getting results,” Waldschmidt says, adding that there is an ever-increasing amount of email scammers and spammers in mid-2013.

Through a balance of savvy marketing and basic neuroscience, Waldschmidt brings your audience revolutionary tips on constructing email marketing messages that help avoid the spam file to get your business results:

  • Why aren’t email marketing messages opened?
  • Why don’t people respond to email marketing messages?
  • The key elements of a good subject line …
  • Why plain text, no images, five sentence maximum and a simple signature lines are so important …
  • Why being novel in your approach can set you part from the rest ….


Daytime: Top 5 Apps Every Mom Needs for an Organized & Productive Day

Daytime TV from Riverbank Syndication

Tampa, FL

We all know that popular apps like Pocket Frogs and Doodle Jump allow moms a well-deserved distraction for their children at the doctors office or the while driving in the car.

But, in today’s media-savvy, what apps are best to help mom plan and execute her busy day?

Enter Dan Waldschmidt, a tech-savvy business strategist, speaker and author, says if every mom were a CEO, America would rule the world.

In this segment, Dan cuts through the sea of endless app advertisements and explains in plain language the five top apps to simplify moms growing to-do list. Apps that will helps keep her more organized, budget-conscious and ready to easily make it through her hectic day.


December EDGY Perspectives Show

Topic: The Secret to Outrageous Results: 1000 Stories And 4 Years of Research Later.

December 17th 11AM

Miss the Show? We have you covered.

Here’s the entire show. Grab it. Listen to it in the car.  Or just play it right here:


It took us four years of work to figure out what really makes ordinary people do amazing things.

Like you, we had read all the books about how to be successful, how to stay motivated, and how to get rich.

We finished reading each one thinking “if that formula works so well why is it that I don’t get the results that the book says I should be getting?”

So we threw away the books and motivational seminars and started looking around at extraordinary people.

We looked for people who accomplished impossibly amazing feats of success and dug a little deeper into their stories. The more we started looking, the more examples we found.

In business, math, science, sports, and politics. We looked at 1,000 ordinary people who achieved outrageous success.

What we uncovered were (4) clear character traits that I had never read about in any book.

We call it EDGY. (And wrote a book about it.)

In a few months you’ll be able to buy EDGY Conversations and read over 100 of the stories that we thought were the best.

We’re going to talk about what we learned and how you can apply EDGY to your everyday life and be one of those ordinary people who achieve outrageous success.

Whether it is at work, home, church, school, as a Boy Scout leader, or in hundreds of other ways that you spend your day EDGY has already worked for 1,000 other ordinary people.

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