22.6.2016 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

There’s Just One Huge Problem.

How would you know how to work smarter? You’re told that you should. But how do you do it? How do you know that what you’re told will work will work for you? The topic of work and effort and energy is one that has been debated for decades. Books have been written about working Read More 

21.6.2016 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

It’s Guaranteed Not To Happen.

Just because you haven’t gotten there yet doesn’t mean you never will. To be successful we’re going to have to do the same thing over and over and over again until it starts working. That means on most days, what you are doing is going to look like it’s not working. The results you get Read More 

20.6.2016 Ordinary Heroes

Anthony Iannarino: Headstrong. [Podcast]

Being called “headstrong” usually isn’t a compliment. It’s the polite way to say that you’re stubborn. Unwilling to change. Persistent enough that it’s getting underneath the skin of those around you. But when you take a deeper look at this idea of being headstrong you realize the brilliance of the terminology. Strong mind. Strong goals. Strong Read More 

15.6.2016 Attitude

You’ll Never Really Feel Like It.

“Not feeling like it” isn’t a good excuse. You’ll never feel like doing the hard things. Or the uncomfortable things. Why would you? You’ve been avoiding those sort of activities for some time now. And you’ll never feel like it’s a good time to get started working on them. Not now. Not ever. So if Read More 

14.6.2016 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Maybe It’s Time To Stop Lying.

It takes courage to be honest about how you’re living your life. You don’t want to have to admit to yourself that you haven’t been putting in the effort that your goals demand. You don’t want to have to admit that instead of digging deep, you’ve just been going through the motions. The worst deceit Read More 

13.6.2016 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Maybe You’re More Of A Hypocrite Than You Think.

You say you believe in hard work, honesty, and integrity. But then you’re willing to cut corners when you think no one is watching. You talk about operating on the basis of the Golden Rule. But then you lash out at people who “just don’t get it”. You are outraged when someone close to you Read More