2.5.2016 Business | Extreme Behavior

If You Aren’t Wound Up About It Don’t Do It.

Stop doing things that don’t matter to you. If you can’t get passionate about what needs to be done or the reason while you’re doing what you’re doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all. You’re just wasting your time. Going through the motions. You’re just staying busy. If you’re not careful, that’s how Read More 

28.4.2016 Fear | Leadership

Use What You Do Have.

Don’t have enough time to get everything done you want to do today? Use the time you do have. Don’t have enough money to invest in the support that would accelerate your growth? Use the money you do have. Don’t have enough experience to know where all the potential problems exist? Use the experience you do Read More 

27.4.2016 Attitude

What’s In Your Water?

What was in the water that the Laconians were drinking? They were Greeks like the rest of their countrymen. They knew the odds of losing a battle where they were outnumbered 100 to 1. The smart choice was to negotiate a favorable surrender. To surrender annual payments of gold and goods in exchange for keeping your life Read More 

26.4.2016 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Movement Builds Momentum.

Without momentum you will always struggle to get to where you want to be. And without movement you can’t build momentum. When you stop and start continuously — chasing quick fixes and easy options to hard solutions — you make your journey to success exponentially more difficult. Almost impossible. You find yourself taking two steps Read More 

25.4.2016 Extreme Behavior

You Can’t Play It Safe And Win Big. (Pick One)

Awesome is a cumulative effect. It’s not one thing you do. It’s a little bit of everything, combined together. There’s no one thing you can do to achieve it. And rarely any catastrophe big enough to undo it. It’s a process. The result a thoughtful execution. And tireless discipline. A mastery of the details. Being awesome Read More 

20.4.2016 Fear | Pain

Get Your Head Straight.

What are you thinking about right now? What’s been bothering you the last few days? Maybe it’s something so personally scary and uncomfortable that you haven’t been able to even say it out loud. You haven’t had the courage to share it with anyone else. It’s all inside your head. Bottled up. Under pressure. Ready Read More