20.4.2015 Fear | Leadership

8 Steps To Beating Your Addiction To Fear. 

Fear will destroy every good thing you want for yourself. It will cripple your ambition, paralyze your energy, and destroy your confidence. When you’re held by the clutches of fear, your vision is warped. You stop seeing good things and only notice the evil in the world around you. It’s not just in your head, fear consumes your Read More 

15.4.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

4 Things I Tell Myself Each Day.

What you think about the most you ultimately become.  What you tell yourself you end up doing. If you allow yourself to make excuses when you fail or point the finger at others when you get frustrated you’ll end up living a life that is miserable and mediocre. If you want to win more — Read More 

14.4.2015 Leadership | Pain

What Are You Thinking About?

You are only as strong in your hands as you are in your heart. You’re only as sure in your steps as you are in your soul. You’re only as confident in your plan as you are in your potential. What shows up on the outside is a direct result of the conversation you’re having Read More 

13.4.2015 Leadership

How To Be The Boss.

You can’t just go with the flow and expect to get ahead. You can’t let everyone else decide what’s best for you and expect to live a life that others remember. You have to be responsible for your actions. You have to be accountable, ambitious, and manically consistent. Don’t complain about how life treats you Read More 

9.4.2015 Leadership

The Most Inspired Words You Can Ever Speak.  

The most inspired words you will ever speak aren’t words at all. They are actions. What you’ve done. How you have behaved. The truth about leading others and inspiring change from those around you is that speeches only last while the energy of the moment is high right now. It takes a legacy of hard Read More 

8.4.2015 Business

The Only Thing You Have To Solve

Business life is full of complexity. We often like to imagine that problems can be solved with the same series of steps that can be repeated successfully the same way over and over again. The harsh reality is that most of those solutions just don’t work. Sometimes you can’t solve a problem. That’s the honest Read More