30.7.2014 Attitude

Life Is Crazy Because You Are.

What does your day revolve around? What are you looking forward to right now? Is it the time you get off from work this evening? Is it a TV show episode that’s airing later this week? Is it a social event, an upcoming job interview, or the next class you are studying for? Something is the Read More 

29.7.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

The Only Fair Chance You Have.

The only fair chance you have is the one you give yourself. There are no magic formulas or secret processes that will force life to treat you fairly. There is nothing you can do to guarantee that you’ll get enough time or respect from those around you to accomplish your dream. The truth about getting things Read More 

28.7.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Why I Hired The Fastest Man In The World As My Coach.

I got tired of not reaching my full potential — in running, that is. It’s something that’s been gnawing at me for about a year now. As most of you know, I’m a runner. It’s almost part of my DNA. Last week I crossed a major milestone –logging over 5,000 miles in the last few years. Read More 

24.7.2014 Attitude

Learn At Any Cost.

There is something magical about discovering something new. Whether it’s the first time you figured out how to ride a “big bike” without re-skinning your knee (Remember those days?) or even when you finally get that new TV remote to work right — the “aha” is an emotion you remember. You’re happy and motivated and Read More 

23.7.2014 Business | Extreme Behavior | Fear | Leadership | Pain

The Hard Truth About Why You’re Going To Lose

You’re not going to lose because you’re not smart enough to solve the problem that you’re facing. You’re not going to lose because you don’t have enough money to finish what you started. You’re not going to lose because you’re not the fastest to market or the sexiest brand in your industry. You’re going to Read More 

22.7.2014 Attitude | Business | Leadership

5 Reasons To Stop Whining And Be Grateful.

There are a lot of strategies for being successful in life. From business to sports to science to being an elite Navy SEAL – there are tried and true strategies that give you the edge over your competition. One powerful strategy that is most often overlooked when it comes to bring a superstar is the attitude of gratitude. Being Read More