24.7.2014 Attitude

Learn At Any Cost.

There is something magical about discovering something new. Whether it’s the first time you figured out how to ride a “big bike” without re-skinning your knee (Remember those days?) or even when you finally get that new TV remote to work right — the “aha” is an emotion you remember. You’re happy and motivated and Read More 

23.7.2014 Business | Extreme Behavior | Leadership | Pain

The Hard Truth About Why You’re Going To Lose

You’re not going to lose because you’re not smart enough to solve the problem that you’re facing. You’re not going to lose because you don’t have enough money to finish what you started. You’re not going to lose because you’re not the fastest to market or the sexiest brand in your industry. You’re going to Read More 

22.7.2014 Attitude | Business | Leadership

5 Reasons To Stop Whining And Be Grateful.

There are a lot of strategies for being successful in life. From business to sports to science to being an elite Navy SEAL – there are tried and true strategies that give you the edge over your competition. One powerful strategy that is most often overlooked when it comes to bring a superstar is the attitude of gratitude. Being Read More 

21.7.2014 Attitude

Pay More. Whine Less. Live Like A Bad-Ass.

You get what you pay for. If you make the choice to pay for 300 movie channels and a fancy cable box that records more videos than you can watch in the day, then you shouldn’t complain when your entrepreneurial dreams fizzle and crash. You got what you were really looking for — a fun time Read More 

19.7.2014 Edgy Conversations

“Everything EDGY”
July 19th

Every week we find edgyness all around us — ordinary people (or companies) achieving outrageous success. We write about it. Speak about it. And travel the globe advising leaders how to leverage the ideas around it to drive results. Instead of just writing articles with ideas about what ways for you to be a superstar, I thought Read More 

17.7.2014 Attitude

You Get To Decide.

If you go looking for problems, you will find them. If you go looking for a better life, you will find it. If you go looking for more profit in your business, you will find it. If you go looking for ways to be a better person, you will find them. If you go looking Read More