28.5.2015 Fear | Leadership | Pain

Why You Won’t Be Seeing Me Around Much Any More. 

We can’t be friends anymore. In fact, I’m not sure we’ve ever been friends. You keep telling me that you want to “keep my feet on the ground.” But that’s not where I want to be. I want to soar. I want to climb. I want to rise above the obstacle standing in my way. And I Read More 

27.5.2015 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

It’s Your Duty To Be Awesome. 

It’s your duty to rise higher than other people’s expectations for yourself. It’s your duty to go the extra mile in pursuit of a better future. It’s your duty to get back up when life is knocks you down. It’s your duty to move past the obstacles standing between you and success. It’s your duty to learn Read More 

26.5.2015 Attitude

When You Hit Rock Bottom.

When you hit rock bottom you’ve found your core. What you see now is what is really there. No subterfuge. No mystery. No games. No imitation. Just brutal honesty. When you hit rock bottom you’re standing on your launch pad. There is nothing stronger from which to propel yourself forward. Keep pushing. Keep trying. Keep Read More 

25.5.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

What Are You Celebrating?

What are you doing now that will leave its mark on the world? Who are you becoming that will unlock the potential of those around you who need help getting to where they want to be? Think about it. The truth about celebrations and memorials is that you often wait too long to start planning Read More 

21.5.2015 Business

19 Unforgettable Lessons For Getting Awesome Business Results.

Just “trying things” is a huge waste of your money and time. — Every idea/company is different. Just because an idea worked for someone else doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Trying things without a strategy is a waste of time and money. Quick deals now aren’t as epic as huge deals later Read More 

19.5.2015 Extreme Behavior

Only You Can Do That.

Just because you have a dream about a better life doesn’t mean your life deserves to get better. Just because you want more for yourself doesn’t mean that you deserve more. It’s one thing to want better things for yourself. It’s another to do whatever it takes to earn those better things. So you want Read More