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29.1.2015 Attitude | Fear | Leadership

What Should Really Scare You.

What if the bad habits you are tolerating in your life right now cripple your ability to be amazing in the future? What if this is the last moment you will ever have to accomplish your dream and you’re wasting it? What if you never reach your full potential because you just don’t ever try Read More 

28.1.2015 Attitude | Leadership

What You Do Matters.

Do you know why it’s so difficult to convince teenagers that smoking will kill them? Because they’re not 70 years old, bent over a sink, hacking their lungs out — trying to catch one more breath. Just because a bad decision doesn’t lead to bad results right away doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bad decision Read More 

27.1.2015 Attitude | Fear | Pain

The Surprising Secret To Getting Unstuck.

There are days as a leader when you just feel stuck. The situation in front of you isn’t necessarily bad or uncomfortable, but you still feel like there is no clear path to get to where you want to be. You’re stuck where you are. At least that’s how it feels. If you’re not there right Read More 

26.1.2015 Attitude | Leadership

You Have Rights.

You have the right to get angry when the world treats you unfairly. You have the right to ask hard questions from those who expect excellence from you. You have the right just say “NO” or “MAYBE” or “LATER” when you’re already at your limit. You have the right to try something new even when you don’t have any Read More 

23.1.2015 EDGY Perspective

Resolve to Be a Champion [EPTV]

Maybe you’re one of the majority of people who have or will quit their New Years resolutions by the end of next Friday. Don’t be. Change how you think about resolutions. Over the past several years, it’s become increasingly trendy to choose three words to define who you’ll be that year. Except there’s one problem. Read More 

22.1.2015 Attitude

Awesome People Smile More.

A few more smiles each day will transform your life. It’s hard not to feel empowered when you’re smiling. You can’t not feel confident and prepared, focused and creative when you’re around people who are smiling back at you. That’s the power of a smile. It can change the course of an entire day for Read More