27.3.2015 EDGY Perspective

How Winners Play Politics [EPTV]

I took a few weeks off from filming new episodes of The EDGY Perspective because I’ve been non-stop traveling. But we’re back and coming out swinging. Politicians get a lot of bad rap for “playing politics”–for saying a lot without saying anything. But they’re playing a game–a chess game, if you will–trying to figure out where Read More 

25.3.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Fear | Pain

How To Find Your Way Out Of The Pain Cave. 

In ultrarunning there’s an ominous phrase you’ll hear bantered around by seasoned pros — the “pain cave”. It doesn’t matter when or why — but the reality of running long-distances competitively is that you will have to spend time in the pain cave. It’s a dark place. A place where things get really ugly. Every part of Read More 

23.3.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

The Inconvenient Relevance Of Not Yet.

It doesn’t matter that you’re not a hard worker until you realize that you haven’t developed the right experience and skills — because you haven’t been willing to do what is hard or uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter that you’re a jerk to those around you until you can’t get promoted or land a new job because no one wants Read More 

18.3.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Set Yourself Free. 

Anybody can be average. In fact, that’s pretty much the definition of ordinary. The status quo. What everybody else is doing. A job that pays you enough to buy a house, a car, and enough pleasantries to pretend like your future might be awesome. But average doesn’t end nicely. You can’t be average and awesome Read More 

17.3.2015 Business | Extreme Behavior

Why You Can’t Get Rich Even Though It’s Easy.

The internet is full of people offering “groundbreaking” courses on how you can get rich. There are plans and processes and programs for “anyone and everyone” that allow you to work from home, make more money than you can spend, and live the life of your dreams. You’ve probably been pitched one of these plans by Read More 

16.3.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

You’re Not Angry Enough To Be Awesome.

You can’t be awesome if you don’t have pain and frustration in your life. If you aren’t angry about where you are in life — the obstacles in your way — you won’t ever achieve the success you want for yourself. Progress comes from pain. Momentum comes from the will to win. That will to win Read More