18.5.2016 Business

Why Slow Progress Is Fast Growth.

Speed isn’t what you’re looking for. Momentum is. You think you want more sales right now. You think you want faster sales right now. But what you really want is to know that you can reliably produce revenue. That you can spot opportunities and turn those opportunities into revenue and increased wallet share with targeted customers. Read More 

17.5.2016 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Willing Yourself To Win.

“You can’t leave and think you can come back and dominate this game. I will be physically and mentally prepared from now on.” That was Michael Jordan after losing the NBA finals. He had dominated basketball for many years, winning NBA championships and countless MVP awards. And then he gave it all up to go Read More 

16.5.2016 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

That Stuff Doesn’t Work. This Does.

Ever felt like you are doing everything you should be doing, but it’s still not working? That might be what you feel right now. It’s something you’ve definitely felt before. All those online training courses you purchased from the internet guru who promised that you would turn your life around by copying the path that he took don’t seem to Read More 

12.5.2016 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Blame Yourself.

It’s not over until you say it’s over. You’re not finished until you decide you are through. The easy truth about hard choices is that you’re the only one who gets to decide if you’re successful or not. No matter what success looks like to you — landing that perfect job, making a relationship work, or Read More 

10.5.2016 Business

Honesty Isn’t The Best Policy.

You can’t tell your customer that your product doesn’t work as well as you hoped it would. You can’t tell your best customer the real reason why their invoice got messed up. The underbelly of business can get pretty complicated — and ugly. It doesn’t look good to you and would be absolutely terrifying to your Read More 

9.5.2016 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Sorry. It’s Not Me. It’s You.

It’s your problem. No one else’s. It’s still going to be there if you don’t fix it. Ignoring it doesn’t make the situation any better. It just makes you look like an idiot. You know you have a problem. But you’re hoping that if you pretend like everything is ok, your life will magically improve. But Read More