26.11.2014 Attitude | Business | Leadership

The One Fight You Should Always Run Away From.

Being around negative people will suck the life out of your dreams. Instead of leaving those people feeling motivated, you’ll leave feeling angry. Instead of wanting to push your own limits and achieve more, you’ll find yourself depressed — wallowing in self doubt and looking for revenge. Cynics, critics, skeptics, “reasonable people” — whatever they call Read More 

25.11.2014 Fear | Love | Pain

It All Changes When It’s Your Baby.

It’s easy to have strong opinions about someone else’s situation — until you’re in that situation yourself. It’s easy to judge what someone else is doing — how they are reacting to the situation they’re in at the moment — when you don’t have to be in that situation yourself. You believe in justice. So do Read More 

24.11.2014 Attitude | Leadership

Losers Apologize Slowly.

I love me some Uber.  It’s actually rather genius — with a push of a button on my smartphone I can summon a black car to my exact location. No need to stand on the corner of the street and flag down a taxi while competing against a dozen other busy executives. No need to Read More 

20.11.2014 Attitude | Fear | Leadership

The Only Thing You Can’t Do.

The only thing you can’t do is what you’re not willing to do. The only thing you can’t achieve is the thing you’re not willing to get started on right now. The only thing holding you back from success and greatness and grandeur is your willingness to do what is hard and messy and uncomfortable. That’s the Read More 

19.11.2014 Fear | Leadership | Pain

Being Frustrated Might Be A Good Sign.

Being an artist demands emotional courage. A lot of it. Whether you are painting a picture developing a new sales plan or just trying to figure out what color to paint your child’s bedroom, figuring out what you want to do can be a hard decision to make — especially if you have a few choices that Read More 

18.11.2014 Business

Open Your Stupid Email.

It’s Matt here again—taking over the EDGY Conversations blog. As Chief of Staff I’m responsible for all things “EDGY”, including finding and purchasing new software that helps us keep up the awesomeness.  We’re always researching new tools—but we’ve specifically spent the past month on finding a CRM package that will take our relationship game up Read More