22.12.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

It’s Always Your Fault.

Nothing “happens” to you.  You live in a world that is entirely of your choosing. Do you hate your job, your job title, or your team? It’s your fault you are still stuck there. Are you fat, overweight, or need to get back into shape? It’s your fault you aren’t working out hard enough. Is is Read More 

17.12.2014 Attitude

The Best Way To Carry a Grudge.

Anger will kill you. Stress and fear and petty retribution will eat your heart out. Passive aggression and jealousy will destroy everything beautiful in your life. And yet it’s so very hard to let go. Especially when you feel wronged. Especially when you feel like you don’t deserve what you’re going through right now. Instead of Read More 

16.12.2014 Attitude

Loser’s Can’t. Winners Won’t.

A lot of what you “can’t do” really ought to be an honest discussion about what you “won’t do”. It’s easy to reply to a hard challenge with the observation that “you can’t do that”. You “can’t”? Or you “won’t”? You can’t lose weight or you won’t stick to a diet? You can’t make more Read More 

15.12.2014 Attitude | Business | Leadership

Pooping, Ponies, And The Secret To Unlikely Success.

The battle to potty train my 2 year old daughter feels a whole lot like the battle to be successful. My baby girl, Dylan, will be 3 in early February and we’ve been working for the last 12 months on trying to teach her how to use the potty. It’s been so much more difficult Read More 

9.12.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior | Fear | Leadership | Love | Pain

27 Hard Questions Awesome People Ask Themselves Right Now.

What are the top five things you know you need to do right now that you been avoiding? Who is the one person in your life you need to build a better relationship with right now? How much money do you need to set aside right now for your safety net so that you can Read More 

8.12.2014 Attitude

How To Tell If You’re Losing Before You Do.

You don’t go bankrupt all in one day. Your marriage doesn’t crumble overnight. Your business doesn’t fail because you make one bad move one day. Failure is a process, not a moment in time. The things you do are less consequential than the thoughts you think. Your philosophy for life and your attitude towards the Read More