16.9.2014 Attitude | Business

There Isn’t A Right Thing To Do.

What you “should do” isn’t always as clear as you think it should be. Often, business books or strategy consultants try to distill ideas down into simple black or white decisions. But, most of life is simply not that clear cut. Even the decisions that appear to be simple are mostly gray. There isn’t a “right thing” Read More 

10.9.2014 Attitude | Leadership

Stop It All.

Sometimes to go fast you need to stop — and go slow. Creativity comes from the quietness of observation. Inspiration comes from noticing what could be done better. So much of getting successful results is being deliberate about noticing the small parts of life that easily getting overlooked in the stressfulness of everyday life. That’s the Read More 

9.9.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Good Reasons, Bad Decisions, And The Case For Trying More.

There’s always a good reason to stop doing what you’re doing — you’re not getting results fast enough or it doesn’t feel like what you’re doing is working or someone else is making more money faster than you are by doing what they’re doing. The reasons are endless. Your options for excuses are endless.There are countless, Read More 

8.9.2014 Attitude | Fear | Leadership

Hiding Won’t Make The Scary Stuff Go Away.

What are you fighting for right now? Are you fighting to be right? Are you fighting to get rich? Are you fighting to be heard? Are you fighting to get promoted? Are you fighting to have followers? Are you fighting to lose weight? Are you fighting to get out of debt? Are you fighting to Read More 

4.9.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

Why Success Demands More Than 4 Hours of Work.

You can’t outsource your way to success. Details matter. How you do what you do matters. Just getting things checked off your list isn’t a formula for success. That’s because it matter how people feel as they interact with you. Colors. Shapes. Sounds. Beautiful design. They all impact the subconscious response from those who meet and Read More 

3.9.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Why Knowing More Isn’t Making You Awesome.

Information doesn’t lead to transformation. Just because you know more doesn’t mean you’ll be more. It doesn’t mean you’ll be any different than you are today. Knowledge isn’t the same as inspiration. Ideas aren’t the same as soul changing, life bending motivation. That’s where good people go wrong. It’s easy to think that if you Read More