18.11.2014 Business

Open Your Stupid Email.

It’s Matt here again—taking over the EDGY Conversations blog. As Chief of Staff I’m responsible for all things “EDGY”, including finding and purchasing new software that helps us keep up the awesomeness.  We’re always researching new tools—but we’ve specifically spent the past month on finding a CRM package that will take our relationship game up Read More 

17.11.2014 Business | Leadership

The Best Business Strategy Looks Stupid And Boring.

One of the hidden truths behind successful people is that they rarely “start” doing anything. They just keep doing the same unsexy things they’ve already been doing. They don’t run after flashy new trends or trade hard work for the false promise of “getting rich quick while they sleep.” Successful people understand that slow and steady progress always Read More 

13.11.2014 Business

Why Knowing More Isn’t Making Your Business Any Better.

To be successful in business you need to understand key information. You need to be able to create a strategy, monitor and measure your progress, and make corrections to your tactics based on the results you’re getting. All of that is “information”. Information like website visitors, recurring revenue, customer service satisfaction levels, prospect engagement, and Read More 

10.11.2014 Business | Leadership

Let The One Who Got Away Go Away.

Losing flat out stinks. Whether you are playing cards, chasing a beautiful woman, or trying to close an impossible business deal — being rejected is disappointing, frustrating, and completely maddening all the same time. And if you’re even half a fighter, you’re natural reaction is to dig in your heels and fight back. Fight to win. That’s a Read More 

3.11.2014 Business | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

The Truth About Getting Rich And Why You’re Still Broke.

Making money is an important part of staying in business. It’s a big part of being successful. It’s the lubrication that allows you to move through life with the least amount of friction. It’s not everything — but the more you have, the more it allows you to do just about anything. Go anywhere. Experience things Read More 

30.10.2014 Business

Why Crazy Ideas Work And Good Ones Don’t.

Want to know a dirty, little secret about business strategy?  Any strategy you execute will work. Anything. Let’s be honest — today’s business landscape is full of gurus, experts, and consultants telling you that if you follow their magical seven step program that you’ll end up achieving wild-eyed, incredibly amazing success. It’s an “I’m right and Read More