21.1.2015 Attitude | Business | Leadership

You’re Not Willing To Win.

There is a version of an old Buddhist phrase that goes something like this: "When the student is willing, the teacher will appear." It's simple -- but quite accurately the biggest problem you have in driving corporate innovation. You don't see possibility because you're not willing to make mistakes in order to achieve success. You don't see positive change because Read More 

20.1.2015 Attitude | Business | Leadership

It Is What You Make It.

Life isn’t out to get you. Karma isn’t on a mission to bring you back down to earth. You don’t have things any more difficult than those around you. You aren’t being picked on or unfairly treated. That’s the hard truth about what you’re going through right now. It is what you make it. Just Read More 

13.1.2015 Business

The Difference “No” Makes.

You'll never achieve epic business success without being able to master the art of saying "NO". Running from trouble is a recipe for career disaster. Pretending like problems don't exist is a fast path to corporate ruin. It's all in the games that we play. We don't quickly respond to emails that should just have a simple "NO" Read More 

7.1.2015 Business | Extreme Behavior

Don’t Still Be A Loser This Time Next Year.

Make resolutions or not -- just don't pretend like you want to achieve success when you're not acting like it. This time of year you're feeling the pressure to examine your life and challenge yourself to improve in the months ahead. You're going to think about making resolutions to make more money, lose more weight, or improve a bad Read More 

23.12.2014 Business | Leadership

Why You Hate Tech Support And Love Chocolate Bon Bons.

Hey, it's Matt Williamson, Dan's Chief of Staff, here again. Recently, I was blown away by the stark contrast between two different customer service experiences I had recently. Dan thought I should share what I learned (and vent my... ummmm... frustration). ----- It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. No, Read More 

22.12.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

It’s Always Your Fault.

Nothing "happens" to you.  You live in a world that is entirely of your choosing. Do you hate your job, your job title, or your team? It's your fault you are still stuck there. Are you fat, overweight, or need to get back into shape? It's your fault you aren't working out hard enough. Is is Read More