1.10.2014 Business | Extreme Behavior | Pain

If You Aren’t Changing You Aren’t Winning.

I’m leaving for Arkansas tomorrow. This time it’s not a business trip. I’m checking off one of my goals for this year. Cleaning up my bucket list. I’m running a hundred miles. If I do it in less than 24 hours I’ll get a trophy. The trophy is actually just a belt buckle. That’s what Read More 

30.9.2014 Business | Extreme Behavior

Why A/B Testing Is For Idiots.

One of the biggest lies ever invented for business leaders is that A/B testing is a viable strategy for business growth. Find a company anywhere who achieved massive, mind-blowing success by A/B testing their way to greatness. I dare you to find one. I’m begging you to find one. It’s like the pink unicorn of Read More 

24.9.2014 Business

Fire These Customers Immediately!

Stop what you are doing right now. I need to let you know about a new book from Colleen Francis called Nonstop Sales Boom. Let me be frank — this book is jam packed with edgy strategies to take control of your business results — from attracting clients to ensuring repeat sales. How about them apples? A Read More 

23.9.2014 Business | Pain

You’re Using Your Brain All Wrong.

If you find yourself struggling to be creative, it might be because you’re using your brain wrong. When was the last time you had one of those moments where you found yourself slapping your forehead saying: “I know I’m supposed to be remembering something”  or “What am I forgetting? I know I’m forgetting something…”? Your brain has a Read More 

22.9.2014 Business

12 Ways To Multi-Task Like A Superhero.

There’s been a lot of debate over the last few years about the effectiveness of multitasking. Productivity experts make the case that trying to do more than one thing at the same time leads to poor results — and half-finished outcomes. Nothing gets the best use of your attention. Instead of doing more, you actually get Read More 

17.9.2014 Attitude | Business

College Won’t Help (Much)

This is a guest post by Matthew Williamson, my new Chief of Staff for the The EDGY Empire. He’s a sharp dude — and he practices the #1 rule of Waldschmidtland: “Don’t Be Lazy…”. He’s an accounting graduate with a good sense of business and all things EDGY. —– One year ago today, Dan Waldschmidt Read More