23.7.2014 Business | Extreme Behavior | Leadership | Pain

The Hard Truth About Why You’re Going To Lose

You’re not going to lose because you’re not smart enough to solve the problem that you’re facing. You’re not going to lose because you don’t have enough money to finish what you started. You’re not going to lose because you’re not the fastest to market or the sexiest brand in your industry. You’re going to Read More 

22.7.2014 Attitude | Business | Leadership

5 Reasons To Stop Whining And Be Grateful.

There are a lot of strategies for being successful in life. From business to sports to science to being an elite Navy SEAL – there are tried and true strategies that give you the edge over your competition. One powerful strategy that is most often overlooked when it comes to bring a superstar is the attitude of gratitude. Being Read More 

16.7.2014 Business | Leadership | Technology

If You Don’t Plan Smart You’ll Just Do Something Stupid.

A big part of getting things done is having a system — a plan — to get things done. If you don’t have a process for cataloguing what needs to be done, scheduling out when you’re going to do those things, and filtering distractions that get in the way of that process, then you will Read More 

7.7.2014 Attitude | Business

One Thing Extraordinary People Do Better Than Everyone Else.

It’s easy to look at superstars and assume that they have something that you don’t have. It’s natural to automatically come to the conclusion that those who accomplish great things were born to be extraordinary. That doing mind-blowing feats of greatness was somehow predestined for them. An inescapable outcome. The truth about accomplishing great things Read More 

2.7.2014 Attitude | Business | Leadership

How To Win Big Doing Very Little.

You don’t have to do a lot each day to get a lot done over a lifetime. Having big dreams isn’t about you sprinting as fast as you can towards the finish line, only to collapse once you reach your goal. It’s about the mental fortitude to do a little bit each day until you get Read More 

1.7.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Why Hard Work Works.

There is no escaping hard work. If you have big dreams — or even small ones — you have to work hard in order to be successful. Even working smarter is hard work. In fact, working smarter usually takes more time and effort up front then just working hard consistently day after day after day. Read More