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Extreme Behavior

15.1.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Why You Aren’t Getting It Right, Right Now.

If success isn’t the only option you can afford right now, you’re probably going to fail. You might think you need more options than what you have right now. You might want more options than those you have right now. But more options means less urgency. Less intensity. Less reason to get it right, right now. Desperation Read More 

14.1.2015 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

You Can’t Outsource Awesome.

You have to get out of bed in the morning and go to battle even when you’re already fatigued from the day before. You have to rally your team and make hard changes even when not everyone understands “why” right now. You have to make that important call to your dream client and have the hard Read More 

9.1.2015 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

If You Won’t Hurt For You Who Will?

The moment you decide you’re going to be awesome is exactly the time life decides to test how tough you really are. You’re going to have to hurt. Right after you decide you are going to save more money no matter what, you find out that a major appliance in your house just failed, and Read More 

7.1.2015 Business | Extreme Behavior

Don’t Still Be A Loser This Time Next Year.

Make resolutions or not — just don’t pretend like you want to achieve success when you’re not acting like it. This time of year you’re feeling the pressure to examine your life and challenge yourself to improve in the months ahead. You’re going to think about making resolutions to make more money, lose more weight, or improve a bad Read More 

29.12.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Before You Make New Resolutions.

Before you make new resolutions, decide what you really want for yourself. Before you make new resolutions, think about what you are willing to give up to achieve success. Before you make new resolutions, make friends with people who can push you further. Before you make new resolutions, be prepared to get pushed down, stepped Read More 

22.12.2014 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

It’s Always Your Fault.

Nothing “happens” to you.  You live in a world that is entirely of your choosing. Do you hate your job, your job title, or your team? It’s your fault you are still stuck there. Are you fat, overweight, or need to get back into shape? It’s your fault you aren’t working out hard enough. Is is Read More