14.7.2014 Attitude | Fear | Leadership | Love

Just Because You’re Lost Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Be There.

One of the biggest reasons why being successful is so hard is that often you just aren’t sure which direction to go in order to get to where you want to be. Figuring out the right direction to go is a painful task at times. You can’t help but hear people telling you what you need to Read More 

8.7.2014 Fear | Leadership | Love | Pain

What Comes Next?

Passion is a great accelerant  – but can be dangerous when you blindly let it drive your actions. There are many things around you that can cause you to be distracted, annoyed, or otherwise unfocused on what really matters. Circumstances like running late for a meeting or getting stuck in an unexpected traffic jam can Read More 

4.7.2014 Attitude | Fear | Pain

What Living Free Really Means.

Freedom isn’t an attitude. It’s not an opinion. It’s not your own white label edition of cynicism and skeptical thinking. Freedom isn’t about fewer rules and more time to yourself. Freedom is about overcoming the stupid things that stop you from achieving your goals. It’s about eating healthier so you can live happier. It’s about Read More 

3.7.2014 Attitude | Fear | Leadership | Love | Pain

When Your Thinker Makes You a Stinker.

What you think about most you become. The fears you allow to take root in your mind ultimately come true. Have you ever noticed that when you’re already in a grumpy frame of mind that bad things keep happening to you? You’re already late for work and then there’s a traffic jam and a problem Read More 

13.6.2014 Attitude | Business | Fear

It’s OK To Be Scared.

It’s okay to be scared. It’s not okay to let yourself be paralyzed by fear. There are times when you’re going to wonder where your job is going to come from. You’re going to wonder how you’re going to make ends meet. You’re going to wonder how it’s possible that you’re going to achieve success. You’re going to Read More 

12.6.2014 Attitude | Fear | Leadership

What You See Is What You Thought.

You see what you want to see. Sometimes you see what’s not there — simply because you’re looking for it to be there. You see the ghosts of criticism and failure and other people’s expectations because you’re consumed by what other people think about you. Instead of seeing the positive side of a situation, you Read More