29.1.2015 Attitude | Fear | Leadership

What Should Really Scare You.

What if the bad habits you are tolerating in your life right now cripple your ability to be amazing in the future? What if this is the last moment you will ever have to accomplish your dream and you’re wasting it? What if you never reach your full potential because you just don’t ever try Read More 

28.1.2015 Attitude | Leadership

What You Do Matters.

Do you know why it’s so difficult to convince teenagers that smoking will kill them? Because they’re not 70 years old, bent over a sink, hacking their lungs out — trying to catch one more breath. Just because a bad decision doesn’t lead to bad results right away doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bad decision Read More 

26.1.2015 Attitude | Leadership

You Have Rights.

You have the right to get angry when the world treats you unfairly. You have the right to ask hard questions from those who expect excellence from you. You have the right just say “NO” or “MAYBE” or “LATER” when you’re already at your limit. You have the right to try something new even when you don’t have any Read More 

21.1.2015 Attitude | Business | Leadership

You’re Not Willing To Win.

There is a version of an old Buddhist phrase that goes something like this: “When the student is willing, the teacher will appear.” It’s simple — but quite accurately the biggest problem you have in driving corporate innovation. You don’t see possibility because you’re not willing to make mistakes in order to achieve success. You don’t see positive change because Read More 

20.1.2015 Attitude | Business | Leadership

It Is What You Make It.

Life isn’t out to get you. Karma isn’t on a mission to bring you back down to earth. You don’t have things any more difficult than those around you. You aren’t being picked on or unfairly treated. That’s the hard truth about what you’re going through right now. It is what you make it. Just Read More 

19.1.2015 Leadership

The Difference A Dream Makes.

It’s easy to be cynical about dreaming big dreams. After all, dreams are just your imagination — all in your head. They aren’t real life or even a possibility sometimes. They’re just a spark of hope. A moment of wishful thinking . The beginning of anything — and everything. Dreams are the inspiration for every accomplishment Read More