13.2.2017 Business

Hire For Heart. Fire For Apathy.

They wouldn’t have been hired by your company. They surely wouldn’t have been promoted. And had they made their way up the corporate ladder, they would have been “those guys.” The outcasts, eccentric and impossibly difficult people that everyone else looks at with a sigh and shake of the head. But genius always starts with Read More 

9.2.2017 Attitude | Love

Do What You Love.

Do what you love. Follow that path passionately. Don’t be distracted by what other people tell you should be important. Money follows passion. It doesn’t proceed it. Happiness follows passion. You don’t find it by avoiding your passion. Everything you want for yourself is anchored by doing what you love. It’s your reason to get Read More 

8.2.2017 Leadership

Forever Is Never.

Forever is a long time. It’s practically never. It’s easy to assume that because something has never happened for you that it never will. It’s easy to assume when you’re discouraged that failure from your past is the only likely future you can expect.  Time is the great equalizer.  Never really means “not yet.” Over Read More 

7.2.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

How To Make Hard Things Easy.

It’s easy to get things done. You just have to get started. It’s easy to get forgiveness when you hurt people. You just have to ask for it. It’s easy to learn something new. You just have to go look for it. It’s easy to improve and grow. You just have to want to. It’s Read More 

6.2.2017 Extreme Behavior | Fear | Pain

What Doing Hard Things Really Means.

Success demands that you do things that are hard. Not just difficult to achieve with incredible amounts of effort, but uncomfortable and frustrating every step of the way. Doing the hard things isn’t really about choosing goals that are massively difficult and then adopting a radical lifestyle that will propel you mightily toward your goal. That’s awesome if Read More 

31.1.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Use Your Superpower.

You have a superpower. There is that something you have or do or know that is better than everyone else around you. It’s not even close. You’re better. A lot better. Maybe it’s how you negotiate a business deal with calm, clear, and compelling ideas. Maybe it’s how you create a giant vision for a Read More