14.6.2017 Attitude | Business | Fear | Love | Pain

8 People You Should Be Learning From.

What lessons have you learned recently? What type of new ideas and inspirational thinking are you proactively putting into your head? What you learn determines how quickly you grow. If the only time you learn is when you make a mistake, your path to success will be slow and painful. You’ll run out of time Read More 

13.6.2017 Attitude | Fear | Pain

You Don’t Care Enough.

When is the last time you were moved deeply in your soul? What is it that you feel so strongly about that it brings you to tears? It’s nice to pretend that you’re a “tough guy (or girl)” and that nothing bothers you. If you don’t care enough to cry about something, you’re not tough Read More 

12.6.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

The Superpower of Hustle.

Great athletes train their muscles to respond with extreme precision even when the rest of their body is fatigued. A great golfer will often practice a particular swing hundreds of times per day and thousands of times over a year to create a memory for the muscles that make that swing work. As the golfer Read More 

10.6.2017 Extreme Behavior | Pain

Switching Hands In Order To Win.

In 1936, Berlin, Germany held the world’s attention. But not for the government led by the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Their leader stood ready to prove the superiority of the Aryan race. Athletes from around the world traveled to the center of German power to display their athletic prowess in the XI Olympiad. It Read More 

7.6.2017 Attitude | Business

No One Cares About Your Excuse But You.

The only one who really cares about your excuse is you. No one else really understands the reason or has a reason to care about the reason why you aren’t where you want to be. No one else is really concerned about the explanation behind your failure. It’s just you. You’re busy trying to let Read More 

6.6.2017 Extreme Behavior | Fear | Pain

You’re Going To Have To Sacrifice Eventually.

You’re going to have to sacrifice eventually. That’s just how life works. You can either sacrifice now to achieve progress or you can sacrifice later when you’re still stuck. It’s uncomfortable to have to sacrifice now. It hurts emotionally and financially — and sometimes physically. But once you realize you’re going to have to do Read More