19.8.2014 Business | Leadership | Pain | Selfishness

Manage Your Head Game From Your Back Pocket.

It’s impossible to be mentally fit when your personal finances are all out of whack. You can’t focus on being successful when you’re stressed out about money and the poor financial choices you have made in the past. Which is why a big part of being mentally fit is making smart financial decisions — being Read More 

15.5.2014 Attitude | Selfishness

How to Achieve Awesomeness Without Being A Jerk.

Being driven isn’t a valid excuse for not being grateful. When you are all consumed with a purpose and a big goal it comes naturally  to focus only on what is best for you. You wake up in the morning thinking about what you need to get done for the day and work tirelessly getting Read More 

16.4.2014 Business | Leadership | Pain | Selfishness

4 Reasons You Might Be A Fauxpreneur.

For months I’ve had an unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach that things haven’t been quite right. I just couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong. And then I did. I was in the middle of a private pitch from an entrepreneur telling them me about a new app they were intending to Read More 

24.2.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Pain | Selfishness

It Doesn't Matter One Bit.

It doesn’t matter what other people get away with that you can’t seem to let slide by. It doesn’t matter what you think is fair or how often things seem to be unlucky for you. It doesn’t matter how many more times you have to try than those around you. It doesn’t matter how other people got Read More 

12.8.2013 Attitude | Business | Selfishness

The Scientific Business Case For "Survival Of The Unselfish."

One of Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory was that the strongest member of a specie would continue to persist due to it’s resilience.  In his On The Origin of Species, penned in 1864, Darwin made the case that survival was determined by the suitability of a population to it’s location and the conditions at the time. Read More 

30.10.2012 Attitude | Fear | Pain | Selfishness

How Hate Makes Us Poor (And Stupid).

Hate. It’s all around us. We’ve become used to dealing with it. Used to hearing it. Tolerating it. Accepting it. And it doesn’t have to be the middle of an election cycle for you to hear lies and religion thinly covering the ugliness of hatred. Hate that we have come to defend as “free speech”.  Hate that Read More