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2.9.2014 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership | Love | Selfishness

As Silly As Wet Sweaters In the Sahara.

So many of the obstacles in your way are there because you put them there. You didn’t just put them in your way, you defend them being there. You argue and fight to make sure that they are there. And then turn around and complain that “life isn’t fair” — complaining that you seem to have more obstacles than everyone else Read More 

28.8.2014 Attitude | Leadership | Selfishness

You Don’t Get To Ask For Help Right Now.

Stop telling people what you want to do — and start doing it. Stop taking your big dream and outsourcing it to other people for their help. Take action for yourself. Find answers. Uncover options. Connect with people who matter. Help yourself do something awesome. It’s not good enough to share a post on Facebook Read More 

22.8.2014 Extreme Behavior | Leadership | Selfishness

Don’t Throw Away Your Chance At Glory.

Champions look at success differently than everyone else around them. For them it’s not about what awards they win right now. It’s not about feeling good right now that matters most to them. It’s about doing whatever it takes in order to get to where you want to be. About doing the right thing, right now Read More 

21.8.2014 Attitude | Leadership | Selfishness

Borrowing A Beat Down On Your Way To Greatness.

Standing up for those who can’t help themselves is isn’t as glamorous as it seems on the movie screen. Real life doesn’t work out as smoothly as Rambo or Rocky or Robin Hood. Sometimes standing up for what you believe in means that you end up getting hurt. Sometimes it means that you take the Read More 

19.8.2014 Business | Leadership | Pain | Selfishness

Manage Your Head Game From Your Back Pocket.

It’s impossible to be mentally fit when your personal finances are all out of whack. You can’t focus on being successful when you’re stressed out about money and the poor financial choices you have made in the past. Which is why a big part of being mentally fit is making smart financial decisions — being Read More 

15.5.2014 Attitude | Selfishness

How to Achieve Awesomeness Without Being A Jerk.

Being driven isn’t a valid excuse for not being grateful. When you are all consumed with a purpose and a big goal it comes naturally  to focus only on what is best for you. You wake up in the morning thinking about what you need to get done for the day and work tirelessly getting Read More