16.7.2014 Business | Leadership | Technology

If You Don’t Plan Smart, You’ll Just Do Something Stupid.

A big part of getting things done is having a system — a plan — to get things done. If you don’t have a process for cataloguing what needs to be done, scheduling out when you’re going to do those things, and filtering distractions that get in the way of that process, then you will Read More 

17.4.2014 Business | Technology

21 Apps To Help You Run An Edgily Awesome Life.

I get asked all too often how I get so much done in a day. You probably do too. Ironically, I get asked if I do all my own writing (like this post) and if I do all my own social media nonsense. The answer is “YES”… For better or worse ‘EDGY’ is all homegrown. Read More 

7.2.2014 Business | Technology

3 Reasons You Have To Rethink Sales Strategy This Year.

Driving new revenue growth is a key business strategy over which executives obsess religiously. It’s part of quarterly planning sessions, monthly sales reports, and weekly tactical reviews. The ability to win over new customers and to increase wallet share from existing customers is the primary objective for any business — big or small. So, the Read More 

26.11.2013 Business | Leadership | Technology

2 Keys To Getting More Done With Technology.

You’re not really planning if you only think about what you what to do and not how you’re going to do it. It’s all too easy for good ideas to go unfulfilled simply because you didn’t have the right tools to keep you organized and to remind you of when you need to get things done. Read More 

22.1.2013 Business | Technology

The Ultimate Edgy Guide To Getting Things Done.

Being successful in business means that you master the art of time management. Over the last few decades, countless books have been written on ways to get things done more efficiently. And while no one plan works for everyone, there are some basic ideas that work no matter what industry or job title you have. Read More 

3.4.2012 Business | Technology

27 Must-Have Tools to Help You Be More Successful Getting Things Done.

You shouldn’t wonder why you aren’t more successful if you haven’t mastered the art of getting things done.  And that’s not easy.  Being productive is one of the biggest struggles for all of us. From not knowing what to do to not knowing when to do it, it is all too easy to let the Read More