24.5.2017 Attitude

It’s Not Noise. It’s Their Story.

If you feel like you’re not being heard, you might be right.  Being heard is an emotion that is human. It’s vital to your sanity and horribly frustrating when you don’t feel it happening.  There’s an important lesson to be learned. Especially when all around you is a fog of noise. Know this.  Everyone wants the Read More 

23.5.2017 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Right Now.

What are the top three things you know you need to do right away that you been avoiding up to now? What two good things do you need to cut from your life right now so that you are no longer distracted from pursuing your goal of being awesome? Who is that one person in your Read More 

22.5.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

There’s No Substitute For Doing The Right Thing.

There is no substitute for doing the right thing. There is no substitute for leading even when no seems to be following — or even noticing. There is no substitute for getting back on your feet when you fall, fail, and get hurt. There is no substitute for making sure people know you care about them. Read More 

18.5.2017 Attitude | Leadership

The Secret Power Behind Your Biggest Weakness.

Behind every weakness is tremendous strength. The things that you’re desperately trying to improve are also your biggest assets. Behind arrogance is confidence. Behind fear is empathy. Behind failure is motivation. Behind embarrassment is achievement. The same things that make you vulnerable are the very things that can make you mighty. What separates your potential Read More 

15.5.2017 Attitude | Leadership

How To Handle Criticism When You’re Trying Your Best.

Taking criticism from other people is hard.  Whether it’s a skeptic who is especially unbelieving, a critic who faults your best intentions, or even a friend who tells you how they really feel — you aren’t happy to be judged by others.  It just doesn’t seem fair. Even when you come up short, you don’t want Read More 

9.5.2017 Attitude

Automatically Awesome?

Possibility is what you make it. It’s possible to fail despite being the favorite to win. It’s not impossible to win big despite being the person expected to lose. Your possibility is fueled by the choices you make. The decisions you make each day determine how possible it is for you to get closer to Read More