7.8.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Dreams Are Free. Progress Isn’t.

Did you think that it was going to be easy? That you are going to get the lucky break that no one else in your position will get? Come on now. Stop being delusional. The truth is that you have a dream, but so do a lot of other people. The world is full of Read More 

5.8.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

You Decide Your Future.

What would you do if someone told you that you only had three years to live? Charlie Wedemeyer got the shocking diagnosed of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) when he was in his early 30s. Better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, the disease was a death sentence. He had been healthy all his life. A shocking Read More 

3.8.2017 Attitude | Business

We Failed At Podcasting. So We Did It Again. Better.

Can I share a behind-the-scenes story about failure? My failure. Almost two years ago we started working on a podcast here at The EDGY Empire. As we begin to talk about putting together a production of our own, we began to throw around some really crazy ideas. Our dream was to put together a series Read More 

2.8.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Everyone Isn’t Already Doing The Easy Things.

You probably heard yourself say it before: “If it were easy everyone would be doing it.” It’s witty. And it seems true. But it’s not. It’s easy to make a phone call and talk about something that you’re passionate about. You might call that selling or pitching or cold calling. It’s really just you having a Read More 

1.8.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Fear

Quit. Tomorrow.

When you feel like giving up, do it tomorrow. When you have finally decided that you’ve done all you can do, and make the call to quit — put it off until tomorrow.  Wanting to quit isn’t something that’s ever going to go away.  The harder you struggle and the bigger your goals, the more Read More 

31.7.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

They Aren’t Idiots Because They See It Differently.

It’s easy to assume that because you see something a certain way, that everyone else around you should see it that way as well.  Your perspective can be deceiving. Make no mistake, your view on the world is absolutely correct. For you. How you interpret the world around you is a result of your life Read More