13.2.2017 Business

Hire For Heart. Fire For Apathy.

They wouldn’t have been hired by your company. They surely wouldn’t have been promoted. And had they made their way up the corporate ladder, they would have been “those guys.” The outcasts, eccentric and impossibly difficult people that everyone else looks at with a sigh and shake of the head. But genius always starts with Read More 

24.1.2017 Business

Not Just Collecting A Paycheck.

Business studies tell us that a disgruntled sales executive will stay at their job for 11 months before they actually decide to quit. Most of the time, the news of them leaving is a surprise to their employer. 11 months. Unhappy and unmotivated. Just collecting a paycheck. If that isn’t bad enough, almost 25% of Read More 

16.1.2017 Business | Leadership

Don’t Do It.

Never expect anyone else to work harder than you are. Never build your business plan around getting lucky. Never make decisions based on ego or embarrassment. Never let yourself stay in a bad mood. Never stop sweating the details and deadlines. Never waste time being happy when other people fail. Never stop learning, listening, or Read More 

9.1.2017 Business | Leadership

13 Steps To Getting All Those Things Done.

You won’t ever get to where you want to be if you can’t get things done consistently. Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or a new life direction, you have to do something different if you want to achieve success. That requires focus and determination and a plan for getting things done. If you Read More 

4.1.2017 Business

When You Decide To Not Fix That.

The details don’t really seem to matter until you realize that they are the only thing that ultimately determine failure or success. The people who doubt you most will always be the best source for finding those small ways to make a big difference. The final 1% of mastering the details will take you 99% of Read More 

15.12.2016 Business

Try Being Surprisingly Delightful.

One of the most powerful strategies for business is also the simplest. And most overlooked. Companies who continue to massively grow and scale and drive success focus intently on creating surprise and delight. In their industry. With existing customers. To their target prospects and ideal customers. It has a massive impact. The emotional impact and Read More