3.8.2017 Attitude | Business

We Failed At Podcasting. So We Did It Again. Better.

Can I share a behind-the-scenes story about failure? My failure. Almost two years ago we started working on a podcast here at The EDGY Empire. As we begin to talk about putting together a production of our own, we began to throw around some really crazy ideas. Our dream was to put together a series Read More 

29.7.2017 Business | Extreme Behavior

“You Can Do It”…

She was all done. Frustrated. Angry. And more than a little bit annoyed. She was 45 and fed up.  Determined to make some changes. Mary Kathlyn sat at her kitchen table making a list of all the things that held her back while working in a “man’s” world for the 25 years. She made another Read More 

25.7.2017 Business | Extreme Behavior

The Power Of Small Choices.

The path to better outcomes begins with making better choices. Not big choices. Not life-changing decisions. The small stuff. Choices like when you get out of bed and what fuel you put inside your body. The decision to learn something new or to waste your free time because “you deserve it”. What you earn is Read More 

22.7.2017 Attitude | Business | Leadership

Learning Your Way To Awesome.

Chris Gardner, barely older than a toddler, hadn’t grasped the concept that he was living in a foster home. He only knew that his mother and his stepfather had disappeared one day and he was living with strangers. For three years, he had been in that home. Close to the end of the third year, Read More 

11.7.2017 Attitude | Business

You’ve Got Success And Being Rich All Wrong.

Money doesn’t equal success. Having more money provides more options, but it does not automatically make you more successful.  There are rich thieves. There are rich scam artists. There are people who have more money than you right now because they were willing to take advantage of others or cut corners.  Get this straight: success Read More 

3.7.2017 Attitude | Business

I Make Way Too Many Excuses.

I’ve finally come to a starting realization — I make too many excuses. I hate it when my team tells me that something isn’t possible. Yet I’ll tell myself that a big goal I want to achieve isn’t really a possibility. I make an excuse. I pave the way to let myself down gently when I Read More