Extreme Behavior

12.1.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Is It Really Worth It?

You can always find something to distract you. Even if you’re not looking for a distraction, it’s easy to waste time being distracted. Sports and school, work, weekend plans, and family — they all have a way of momentarily costing you momentum. You’re busy doing things that get you closer to where you want to Read More 

11.1.2017 Extreme Behavior | Fear

Use That Guilt As Motivation.

You know that sick feeling you get deep down in your stomach when you’re disappointed in yourself? You know you could have done better. Maybe even won. But you didn’t try hard enough. You didn’t get started soon enough. You didn’t have enough intensity, urgency, or drive to do enough of what mattered. And now Read More 

2.1.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

You Don’t Need A New Day.

Go ahead. Make a resolution to be better. Use the new year as an opportunity to find greatness. Do what you should have done last year right now. Get started being busy. Make no mistake though; it’s not a new year you’ve been looking for. It’s not a new day that you’ve been needing. It’s Read More 

28.12.2016 Extreme Behavior

Greatness Isn’t A Resolution. It’s A Decision.

Instead of hoping this year is better than last year. Instead of wishing that tomorrow would be different from today. Instead of feeling frustrated, pointing fingers, and making excuses. Instead of staying stuck, resolve to do things differently this coming year. Resolve to be open minded. Resolve to be candid.Resolve not to be petty. Resolve Read More 

20.12.2016 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Trading Lies For Awesome.

You say you’re working hard enough. But are you? You say you care about other people. But do you? Really? You say that you’re continuing to learn and grow and evolve. But are you? Or are you just telling yourself lies to feel better about the state of your life? Maybe you’ve given up already. Maybe Read More 

19.12.2016 Extreme Behavior

11 Ideas To Make Your Idea Awesome.

Just because there’s no evidence that your idea will work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start working on it. Try something. If you can’t get passionate about what you’re doing or where you’re heading with your life, you are doing the wrong thing. There’s always somebody who will tell you that you’re unrealistic or unreasonable. Ignore Read More