Extreme Behavior

19.7.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

The Movie Your Soul Plays.

It is not an accident if you find yourself constantly nervous and frustrated. And it’s not a coincidence if you wake up tired but inspired.  Motivation is a pretty simple formula. What you put into your mind fuels the direction of your life.  If you spend your time listening to frantic, worrisome political news, you will Read More 

17.7.2017 Extreme Behavior

No One Can Do The Work For You.

Progress takes hustle. Momentum requires sweat. You can’t get from where you are now to where you want to be without massive amounts of hard work. That’s the truth. Anything that you want to achieve is possible as long as you’re willing to work for it. You have to work for it. No one can do Read More 

13.7.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

The Wonder Of Getting Started.

The great pyramids of Egypt were started by a single stone, placed by a single worker on that first day. That single stone didn’t amount to much of anything. The slave worker who placed it there didn’t get a bonus. There wasn’t a celebration to commemorate the occasion. Most likely no one cared — or Read More 

10.7.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

18 Things Winners Believe.

Winners see the world differently than everyone else. They aren’t perfect. And they don’t get an easier version of life than you do. But they always seem to bounce forward. No matter what obstacles push them down. No matter what problems stand in their way. No matter how loud the skeptics doubt or the critics Read More 

24.6.2017 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

Living An Unbeatable Life.

Living an unbeatable life is about pushing past the pain and fear and doubt that holds you back. You embrace being uncomfortable because you know the agony is making you a better weapon for winning. Read More 

20.6.2017 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior

9 Steps To Creating Your Greatest Comeback Story.

You’re not going to make the journey to success without getting knocked down. You’re going to make mistakes.  You’re going to do things that end up costing you money, time, and friendships with people you love. You’re going to feel depressed, forlorn, and completely demotivated.  It doesn’t matter how smart you are in your journey to Read More