Extreme Behavior

6.6.2017 Extreme Behavior | Fear | Pain

You’re Going To Have To Sacrifice Eventually.

You’re going to have to sacrifice eventually. That’s just how life works. You can either sacrifice now to achieve progress or you can sacrifice later when you’re still stuck. It’s uncomfortable to have to sacrifice now. It hurts emotionally and financially — and sometimes physically. But once you realize you’re going to have to do Read More 

5.6.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

How To Escape Your Past.

The fastest way to escape your past is to find your future. To achieve your destiny. You have problems. That is always going to be true. Your particular situation might be worse than others. You might still bear the physical or emotional scars of your past. It’s quite likely you’ve done things you regret. Or Read More 

1.6.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

Why Good Advice Doesn’t Usually Work.

Not all advice is good advice. In fact, most advice isn’t good advice for you. The ideas themselves might be accurate. And the insight might have helped someone else create outrageously amazing results. But they’re not you. They don’t have your life experience, resources, skills, experience, or drive. So while the big picture might be Read More 

27.5.2017 Extreme Behavior

When You Tri More.

Swimming was everything Karen knew. While other girls her age were playing with dolls, she was in the pool–on her town’s swim team competing against older, stronger, and faster kids. At Princeton, she led her swim team to win their conference division championships three of the four years she swam. But when Karen graduated in Read More 

23.5.2017 Attitude | Business | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Right Now.

What are the top three things you know you need to do right away that you been avoiding up to now? What two good things do you need to cut from your life right now so that you are no longer distracted from pursuing your goal of being awesome? Who is that one person in your Read More 

22.5.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

There’s No Substitute For Doing The Right Thing.

There is no substitute for doing the right thing. There is no substitute for leading even when no seems to be following — or even noticing. There is no substitute for getting back on your feet when you fall, fail, and get hurt. There is no substitute for making sure people know you care about them. Read More