15.8.2017 Attitude | Fear | Love

There Isn’t Room for Everything.

There isn’t room for everything.  There’s not enough space in your life for both negativity and inspiration. They won’t fit. You have to choose one or the other.  You have to choose between bitterness and acceptance. You have to choose between believing the best in others or assuming the worst.  You can’t do both at Read More 

1.8.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Fear

Quit. Tomorrow.

When you feel like giving up, do it tomorrow. When you have finally decided that you’ve done all you can do, and make the call to quit — put it off until tomorrow.  Wanting to quit isn’t something that’s ever going to go away.  The harder you struggle and the bigger your goals, the more Read More 

27.7.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Fear

Avoiding It Is Killing You.

You can avoid long enough to get away from your problems. You can’t avoid good enough to stay away from your deepest, darkest fears. In truth, you’re not avoiding failure. You’re delaying your opportunity to be awesome. Whatever you’re avoiding — know this —  it is an opportunity for you to make yourself better. That Read More 

24.7.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Fear | Leadership

Your Drug Of Choice.

What you believe, happens. It's not just a matter of coincidence. It's a matter of will. Here are 28 beliefs that will change your life and help you achieve success under the toughest of circumstances. What you believe drugs you. Fuels you. Empowers you. It determines your future. Read More 

12.7.2017 Fear

The Fiction You Feel.

Just because you’re afraid doesn’t mean that you can’t be a high performer. In truth, the greatest competitors are always fearful. They know the stakes. They appreciate the cost of losing. They don’t want to experience the pain of losing. They are afraid of what could happen. You might assume that winners are massively confident Read More 

27.6.2017 Attitude | Fear

What You Put Into You.

What you put into yourself is what you get out. Happiness in. Happiness out. Anger in. Anger out. You’re going to have bad days where you do things you’re not proud of. But as a rule, your output is directly related to your input. If you are like most people, you will spend a significant Read More