21.6.2017 Fear | Pain

Creativity Is Messy.

Creativity is messy. Innovation isn’t linear. You might automatically assume that as you learn and grow and mature that all of your insight and experience will propel you in a straight line towards where you want to be. But that’s not the case. Success almost always demands a reboot. A time when you fail and Read More 

14.6.2017 Attitude | Business | Fear | Love | Pain

8 People You Should Be Learning From.

What lessons have you learned recently? What type of new ideas and inspirational thinking are you proactively putting into your head? What you learn determines how quickly you grow. If the only time you learn is when you make a mistake, your path to success will be slow and painful. You’ll run out of time Read More 

13.6.2017 Attitude | Fear | Pain

You Don’t Care Enough.

When is the last time you were moved deeply in your soul? What is it that you feel so strongly about that it brings you to tears? It’s nice to pretend that you’re a “tough guy (or girl)” and that nothing bothers you. If you don’t care enough to cry about something, you’re not tough Read More 

6.6.2017 Extreme Behavior | Fear | Pain

You’re Going To Have To Sacrifice Eventually.

You’re going to have to sacrifice eventually. That’s just how life works. You can either sacrifice now to achieve progress or you can sacrifice later when you’re still stuck. It’s uncomfortable to have to sacrifice now. It hurts emotionally and financially — and sometimes physically. But once you realize you’re going to have to do Read More 

3.6.2017 Fear | Pain

Life Isn’t Fair. So What.

Growing up black in early 1900s Alabama meant growing up with distinct disadvantages. Inferior access to basic public services. A constant fear of attack–or worse, lynching. Percy Julian couldn’t go to highschool with other white people. He couldn’t even go to high school. Desperate to continue his education, however, Percy signed up for Lincoln Normal Read More 

31.5.2017 Attitude | Fear | Pain

Because You’re Poisoning Your Future.

What you consume has an impact on you. It’s not a shock for you to believe that drinking poison would negatively impact your existence. It’s not a shock for you to imagine that surrounding yourself with negative, lazy people would negatively impact your enthusiasm for living. The things you put into your body and into Read More