28.3.2017 Attitude | Leadership

Making Progress Is Messy.

You don’t have to get it right the first time. You just have to keep trying. Perfection isn’t the goal. Getting to where you want to be is the goal. Often that is an ugly process. It’s messy. Full of the human things that cause frustration and confusion. You’re going to make mistakes along the way. Read More 

27.3.2017 Fear | Leadership

The Mistake Of Believing That They Are Smarter Than You.

Think about the rules and conventional wisdom you have adopted to help you run your life. You believe that if you have more money that you will have fewer problems. You believe that you can’t get a decent job without an advanced degree. You believe that you shouldn’t feel good about yourself unless your body is Read More 

22.3.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Don’t Waste Your Life Being Reasonable.

Life isn’t reasonable. It’s not reasonable that some people are born into a lifetime of abject poverty while others are birthed with a silver spoon in their mouth. It’s not reasonable that bad people get away with horrible crimes while others who try to bring justice to the helpless are taken advantage of. Life isn’t Read More 

21.3.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Your Bad Habits Are Costing You Greatness.

Don’t pretend like you’re interested in changing your life when you’re not willing to get up a little bit earlier each day to make that change start the stick. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that tomorrow is going to be any different than today if you’re not doing something different today that will change tomorrow. Read More 

18.3.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

When You Should Give Up On Your Ice-Cold, Crazy Ideas.

It was at a dinner shortly after the wedding that the idea came up. One of Frederic’s younger sister had just married the most eligible bachelor in town. Chilled drinks were flowing. And so were the ideas. As Frederic’s rich older brother William joked with friends, out tumbled one of those ideas: ice for everyone. Read More 

14.3.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior | Leadership

The Story Of Your Success.

You wouldn’t laugh at an apple seed that you just planted in the ground, calling it a loser because it’s not delivering bushels of ripe apples each season. You just planted it. It’s still a seed. In time, with enough water and sunlight, fertilizer and proper attention, it will begin to grow into a skinny Read More