16.1.2017 Business | Leadership

Don’t Do It.

Never expect anyone else to work harder than you are. Never build your business plan around getting lucky. Never make decisions based on ego or embarrassment. Never let yourself stay in a bad mood. Never stop sweating the details and deadlines. Never waste time being happy when other people fail. Never stop learning, listening, or Read More 

12.1.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Is It Really Worth It?

You can always find something to distract you. Even if you’re not looking for a distraction, it’s easy to waste time being distracted. Sports and school, work, weekend plans, and family — they all have a way of momentarily costing you momentum. You’re busy doing things that get you closer to where you want to Read More 

9.1.2017 Business | Leadership

13 Steps To Getting All Those Things Done.

You won’t ever get to where you want to be if you can’t get things done consistently. Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or a new life direction, you have to do something different if you want to achieve success. That requires focus and determination and a plan for getting things done. If you Read More 

5.1.2017 Leadership | Pain

A Breakfast With Bobcats.

I was more than 18 hours into my run and slightly more than 92 miles closer to the finish line of the Arkansas Traveller 100 than when I started at 5 a.m. earlier that morning — and I had to go to the bathroom. Bad. My stomach was blowing up. I didn’t feel like eating or Read More 

3.1.2017 Fear | Leadership

What Would You Do If You Believed You Could?

A few months ago, I was interviewed by a popular business magazine. In between the questions about making money and what it takes to push through the dark times, I was asked one particular question that made me stop and think. “If you could go back and give one piece of advice to yourself at Read More 

2.1.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

You Don’t Need A New Day.

Go ahead. Make a resolution to be better. Use the new year as an opportunity to find greatness. Do what you should have done last year right now. Get started being busy. Make no mistake though; it’s not a new year you’ve been looking for. It’s not a new day that you’ve been needing. It’s Read More