16.5.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership | Pain

The Joy Of Finishing What You Start.

You will always learn more from finishing a task than from beginning a new one. You’ll learn about how tough you are. Especially when it’s easy to generate legitimate reasons for stopping. In those moments – when you make the decision to finish that task, even though you’re in pain, you suddenly discover all the Read More 

15.5.2017 Attitude | Leadership

How To Handle Criticism When You’re Trying Your Best.

Taking criticism from other people is hard.  Whether it’s a skeptic who is especially unbelieving, a critic who faults your best intentions, or even a friend who tells you how they really feel — you aren’t happy to be judged by others.  It just doesn’t seem fair. Even when you come up short, you don’t want Read More 

4.5.2017 Attitude | Leadership

Stop Being Embarrassed By Your Hustle.

It is a ridiculous waste of your time to worry about how other people view you. Specifically, if you’re trying too hard. You can’t try too hard. That’s never going to be your problem. You might hustle in ways that lack a bit of class — but your problem isn’t that you’re trying so hard Read More 

2.5.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

The Uncomfortable Fact About Failure.

Giving up is an attitude long before it’s an action. You think about quitting long before you actually do it. What you allow yourself to think about is your choice. Giving up is the result of you not making the right decision about what you allow yourself to think about. That’s the uncomfortable fact about Read More 

17.4.2017 Fear | Leadership | Pain

The Problem With Not Failing.

The problem with not failing is that you never get any better. Forward progress is a result of loss and suffering. Whatever you call it – a try or an iteration, a pivot, a test, or a trial balloon – trying and failing is uncomfortable, no matter how you tried to rationalize the outcome. But Read More 

12.4.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

First You Move.

Progress comes in stages. First, you have to make movement. Then you learn the motions and moves of success. You go through those motions until you learn why you’re doing them. Progress, and more importantly success, is the result of turning moves and movement into momentum. You aren’t just doing things because someone else told Read More