20.3.2017 Fear | Love | Pain

The Superpower Hiding Under The Rubble Of Your Rage.

You can’t hold on to the past and move rapidly towards your future. You’re living each day inside a rubber band that keeps pulling you back. Just about the time you think you’ve moved forward and made progress you realize that you’re back in the middle of your anger and misery from the past. Snapped back Read More 

9.2.2017 Attitude | Love

Do What You Love.

Do what you love. Follow that path passionately. Don’t be distracted by what other people tell you should be important. Money follows passion. It doesn’t proceed it. Happiness follows passion. You don’t find it by avoiding your passion. Everything you want for yourself is anchored by doing what you love. It’s your reason to get Read More 

26.1.2017 Leadership | Love

Being Overwhelmed By Gratitude. 

No matter how bad things are right now for you, they are better than they could be. That alone should fuel your sense of gratitude. And when you think about it further, you realize how very good you have it. No matter how desperate your situation might feel, you still have the opportunity for change Read More 

19.1.2016 Leadership | Love | Pain

Are You Sure?

It’s never as easy as you think it should be. All those beliefs and opinions you have that you hold as unchangeable — those are just a few life circumstances away from being changed. By you. On purpose. What you thought was clearly black and white is now shades of gray. I remember one such Read More 

14.12.2015 Fear | Love | Pain

Who Has Your Back?

When things get tough and you need extraordinary help, who can you count on to stand by your side? Perhaps a better way to answer that question is to reflect on whose back you have. And what that means in reality. How far would you go to help someone in need? What are the requirements for Read More 

21.10.2015 Extreme Behavior | Leadership | Love

Your Greatest Challenge.

Your greatest business challenge isn’t that your dream prospects do business with your competitors instead of you. It’s that they don’t care about what you’re doing in the first place. Your greatest personal challenge isn’t that you achieve all your goals exactly when you think you should. It’s that you care enough to set goals Read More