21.2.2017 Pain

Welcome To Whatever.

There is no greatness without pain and struggle. Change demands friction and adjustment. Both of which are uncomfortable. The hard truth about accomplishing big things is that it is going to cost you more then you ever expect. You think you’re ready to play the game. You think you know the risk involved. But somehow, Read More 

6.2.2017 Extreme Behavior | Fear | Pain

What Doing Hard Things Really Means.

Success demands that you do things that are hard. Not just difficult to achieve with incredible amounts of effort, but uncomfortable and frustrating every step of the way. Doing the hard things isn’t really about choosing goals that are massively difficult and then adopting a radical lifestyle that will propel you mightily toward your goal. That’s awesome if Read More 

19.1.2017 Leadership | Pain

Are You Willing To Change?

When you’re pursuing success there comes a time where you have to ask yourself a hard question about what really matters. Is it more important that you are right or that you figure out a way past the obstacles standing between you and your goal? At face value, the answer is simple. You would obviously Read More 

18.1.2017 Attitude | Fear | Pain

Live Like It’s Your First Day.

Live like you’ve never been hurt before. Like you’ve never taken a chance and fallen flat on your face. Live like each investment of your time and money yields magnificent results. Live expecting your love and attention to come back to you tenfold. You’ve often heard people tell you to live like it’s your last Read More 

5.1.2017 Leadership | Pain

A Breakfast With Bobcats.

I was more than 18 hours into my run and slightly more than 92 miles closer to the finish line of the Arkansas Traveller 100 than when I started at 5 a.m. earlier that morning — and I had to go to the bathroom. Bad. My stomach was blowing up. I didn’t feel like eating or Read More 

27.12.2016 Attitude | Pain

Earning Hope.

Having hope changes everything. It gives you the courage to try something new. It gives you the stamina and endurance to keep working even when it seems like what you’re doing isn’t paying off right now. Hope gives you a potential ending to your story. It’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The Read More