Whether company focus is B-to-B or B-to-C, today’s media rich world offers amazing NEW technologies and tools (many of which are free or low cost) that can increase your bottom line while streamlining your workload.

In this segment, international business strategist Dan Waldschmidt explains the top five business apps that are the most user friendly, effective, and likely to make you and your employees more efficient and better at business.

  1. How one free app will allow you to create projects, complete unlimited tasks, broker deals and much more, while cutting down on email traffic and the need for PC access.
  2. How a new address book technology will extract all your contacts from Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter and elsewhere and compile them in one user-friendly location that will automatically register all your conversations and interactions….. No more manual address book updates ever again.
  3. How one free web site is setting the standard for prospecting, networking and market research at zero cost to users.
  4. How one free web site can transform a prospect’s email address or Twitter handle into a complete digital identity. By compiling information available on social and business networking sites, it tells you who they are, where they work, their interests and much more in one simple report. Know your prospects before you call on them.
  5. How one web site gives you secure, reliable, user-friendly and unlimited data storage for free.

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